Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

As a lifelong ignorer of news, I usually have no idea what is happening in Bosnia or Washington DC or even Seattle.  Sure I've heard of the occasional Disney princess (Miley Virus anyone?) going awry or the forecast of an actual sunny day in Seattle, but the news interferes with me playing video games or napping, which are way more … Continue reading Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

Burt Wonderstone: A bitter Review

Burt Wonderstone is a movie starring Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, PA, who plays a magician.  His best friend and magic co-partner is played by Crazy Eyes of Mr. Deeds.  Ace Ventura, Pet Detective plays a guy like Criss Angel, but not nearly as annoying.  A love interest is played … Continue reading Burt Wonderstone: A bitter Review

Bitter News with Pictures

Sarcasm is my second language.  The only reason it is second is because Bitterness is my native tongue.  I hope to someday learn English fluently.  When I get really ambitious I might learn Spanish bitterness, then possibly Spanish sarcasm.  Don't ever expect me to learn Spanish though. There is finally a way to express my heartfelt … Continue reading Bitter News with Pictures

Bitter Contest Loser

Remember when I decided to do a Bitter contest where you could win something?  Last week or the week before or something?  Well I rang up the results of those who actually entered and I did some math and found through my horrible math skills that we are all losers of the contest.  Mostly … Continue reading Bitter Contest Loser

Worst Movie’s Ever Bitterness

There is nothing more bitter in one's life than seeing an awesome trailer for a movie.  Not bitter because of the trailer, but because the movie itself is so much worse than the awesome trailer made it seem.  I guess there is another thing that is more bitter(bitterer?) than that.  When you are with a group … Continue reading Worst Movie’s Ever Bitterness

Bitter Benniversary

It's time to celebrate my doing bensbitterblog for 1 year now.  Oooh let the celebrations begin.  Let's applaud me for doing something for a whole year.  Especially something really hard like writing about things that irritate me and make me bitter.  I should be so proud of my accomplishment.  Let's be honest.  There are at least a thousand things … Continue reading Bitter Benniversary

Bitter Picture of the Week

  Acting is hard.  I have tried it zero times and from that experience, I found that I don't like it.  You have to memorize lines and deal with multiple assistants that just can't get the right temperature on your cold water, and dealing with the media who sometimes ask hard questions.  For instance,  What is … Continue reading Bitter Picture of the Week