Tuesday Bitterness

Tuesday is the most bitter day of all.  Let's break down the meaning of Tuesday to explain why it is the most bitter of all days.  According to the internet, which is always true, in Latin, and in Greek it means day of Mars, and Mars is the God of war.   So let's take the meanings … Continue reading Tuesday Bitterness

Water bitterness

Yeah, yeah water is good and essential to life and has no calories, blah, blah.  It cleans our clothes and our dishes and cleanses.  But let's talk about all the bitter things and I'm sure you will agree with me that we should be way more bitter about water.  First, how about when you are … Continue reading Water bitterness

Los Angeles Laker Bitterness

The Lakers make me so bitter.  There is a reason why the Lakers are the team that people love to hate.  As much as I can't stand Kobe Bryant for his arrogance and his pure dislike of other people that stand in his way of total domination, that isn't it.   As any sports fan knows the Lakers … Continue reading Los Angeles Laker Bitterness

Social Media bitterness

Social media makes me so bitter.  It has been said that if you aren't on the major social media vehicles that you don't exist.   As a bitter person, I know that I don't exist and I don't need some social thing telling everyone that I don't.  I mean what happened to the old days where … Continue reading Social Media bitterness

Hollywood Bitterness

Hollywood makes me so bitter.  It's always hogging the spotlight from every other town.  I mean for some reason Hollywood takes credit for all the movies made in the world.  I mean what about poor Studio City or even Los Angeles.  Do you have any idea how bitter LA is knowing that you have some … Continue reading Hollywood Bitterness

Hunger Games Review Bitterness

The hunger games make me so bitter.   I kept waiting the whole movie to see the food that they would get rewarded for when they won the games (On the bitter blog I put spoiler warnings after I spoil it for you, so as to allow you to share in the bitterness).  Not one grape, not an … Continue reading Hunger Games Review Bitterness

Lottery Bitterness

The lottery makes me so bitter.  Why do I have put down my bitter earned money just to buy a ticket?  Shouldn't the lottery just be something where the president just picks a number between 1 and 350,000,000 and whoever's citizen number that is gets the money? They just make it so complicated!  I mean who has time … Continue reading Lottery Bitterness