Sneaky Bitter Friday Giftures

  When I was getting ready to leave work last night, there was a little paper sign on the door. "Halloween party in the break room at 1:30 pm. Prizes for contests, food, etc." It kind of shocked me, because Halloween just sneaked up on me. Which I know is hard to believe for some … Continue reading Sneaky Bitter Friday Giftures

Bears Beets Bitterstar Galactica Thanks to the classic Office prank that Jim played on Dwight, we know that the algebraic equation Bears >Bitterstar Galactica is true. Not that I know anything about Batterstar Galactica, or math but I do know that bears rule. You might think that bears are kind of scary, and you might be right, about … Continue reading Bears Beets Bitterstar Galactica

Bitter Haunted Houses

It's that bitter time of the year where stinky little goblins dressed up as kids dressed up as hoodlums start invading neighborhoods and asking for free candy. Holding their little pillowcases out, saying Trick or Treat. They are trying to get something from my good candy stash, but I know better than that. I always … Continue reading Bitter Haunted Houses

Scary Season Friday Giftures

  According to my daughter, we are in spooky season. It's kind of funny that she seems to like it so much considering that she is afraid of just about everything. But hey, aren't we all? Afraid of rejection, and fear itself and hair in our food? If it wasn't for all of the stuff … Continue reading Scary Season Friday Giftures