Quick and Easy Meals for under $1000 Friday Giftures

  I'm all about that simplicity. And that bass. I know when you are hungry and you just need something quick for your family, time is of the essence.  Well, sign up for the Bitter Ben quick meal program and we will find a way to get you some food within the next 8 hours, … Continue reading Quick and Easy Meals for under $1000 Friday Giftures


Kohl’s Cash is the Devil

There has been a lot of talk about money in the news lately. At least I think so, because I don't really have the news on TV, so everything I get is from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Ben's Bitter Blog. I guess BitterCoin is a thing making headlines for all the money it seems … Continue reading Kohl’s Cash is the Devil

Loss of Interest

I remember when I was a kid and my dad helped me sign up for my first checking account. After doing my favorite thing ever, looking for a job, and going through dozens of job applications, I finally got my dream job of flattening dough at Little Caesar's Pizza. Not only did I get to … Continue reading Loss of Interest

Pallet Jackass

First of all, I am so sad that I wasn’t here to record this. Not only would I have been able to post it to YouTube and become an internet millionaire, but more importantly, I would have been able to cut it up and make it into a gif and put it on my Bitter Friday Giftures. Why do I always miss all the fun accidents on my camera? I have the worst timing! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

Having A Lend

This is also going in my report:
Admit it, you’ve been there. That place where you’ve had a moment of boredom of work and you’ve dealt with it by doing something outside the rules. Nothing necessarily illegal. Not necessarily dishonest conduct. But something a little bit naughty to break up the monotony of the day. Something that will cause someone in a high visibility vest and a clipboard under his arm to say “This is going in my report”.
One time in a factory there were pallet jacks for hauling large loads around the premises. Not one of those new-fangled automated ones that you could walk alongside while holding a button. I’m talking old school. One that had to be pushed manually. From time to time workers were known to make the return trip on an empty trolley if the floor had a gentle slope just like riding a scooter…

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Let’s Play Jeopardy Friday Giftures

So I have a Jeopardy question for you. Oh, wait they don't do questions. Well too bad. I do things differently around here. So suck, it Trabek. Do you know what the Sunshine State is? If you guessed Florida, you are right. And probably from there. But did you also know that unofficially it is … Continue reading Let’s Play Jeopardy Friday Giftures

Get Perfect Brow Beatings in 30 Days

Are your kids too busy keeping the peace? Working hard getting along with each other? Are they always doing their best, brushing their teeth, washing their face, complimenting the cook and helping with the dishes? Making good decisions and following directions? Trying to get presents for the holidays? I'm here to tell you that you … Continue reading Get Perfect Brow Beatings in 30 Days

Not Savage, but Average

I am always keeping up with most of the new words kids are saying. Don't ask me how, but I used to keep up with the ones when I was a youth by listening to rap music. Now that I'm old though, my daughter bans me from saying anything that is the cool thing to … Continue reading Not Savage, but Average

New Video “Cool” by The CheeseBergens

This is Marissa, one of my long time followers and most frequent commenters. Most of her comments are telling me about how terrible the post was, or how messed up I am, which is true, all true. She slowed down on her blogging as of late so she and family can do like productive stuff or something. She has a family band and is trying really hard to pimp her video, so I decided to give you all a chance to see what her band is all about. Maybe I will check them out sometime too when I’m not too busy not doing work and laying around the couch (and on it). Give her some bitter likes or whatever so her family can continue to rock out and stuff.

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Friends! It is a monumental day in CheeseBergens history! Please join us by watching this video premier! Take a moment to indulge in this guilty pleasure and watch myself and my family as we make fools of ourselves! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you…”Cool”!

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If I were a King for a Day Friday Giftures

  If I were declared king for a day, that would be a little weird because I don't think I want to live in the UK, or other places where there was a king, but my first declaration would be that my kingly salary would continue after I was king, then resign, and go off … Continue reading If I were a King for a Day Friday Giftures

My Emoji’s

I've ranted on here plenty of times about critics. They always seem to trash any movie you like or want to like and often leave a poisonous taste in your mouth about something. Redbox was having a $.15 cent sale because it is their 15th anniversary last night, so I picked up what many people … Continue reading My Emoji’s

Virtual Crap

I remember it so vividly. Not long ago, maybe a decade ago, video games started this thing called DLC(DownLoadable Content). It was a new idea that video game makers came up with to not only sell you the game, but if you so desired you could buy extra things to either customize or lengthen the … Continue reading Virtual Crap

A Very Merry Christmas Movie Bracket

Talk about December madness. I used to love filling out the NCAA brackets, until I stopped caring about college basketball. It might be because every good player goes to the NBA Draft and ends up going overseas, so I don’t know any of these people.
I love this idea to decide between the best movies of the Christmas season. I, for one, believe Die Hard is the greatest of all time, but it will still be fun to fill out my brackets to see how. And I would love to see a whole new bracket just for all the Hallmark movies. My wife would love that. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and possibly enter the contest.

With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation

Earlier this month I thought to myself, you know, there are at least 4.3 million things I should be doing right now, but the most pressing thing on the list is definitely “Make a Christmas Movie Bracket.” That really can’t slip through the cracks this year.

And good news for everyone, it did not slip through the cracks one bit. There is a mountain of laundry lying in this bracket’s wake, but I have absolutely no regrets.

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Tis the Season for Being in a Rush Friday Giftures

  Thanks the mayhem of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, people are in all kinds of rushes today. That means stores are going to be crowded, streets are going to be crammed and people are going to be cranky. And what better season to be cranky than a season that is … Continue reading Tis the Season for Being in a Rush Friday Giftures

I actually hopped

So there is news. I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that I finally got a new job and it was permanent. No-contract-temporary-had-to-prove-myself-actually-got-insurance-once-I-completed-my-waiting-period-job. My family sang hallelueh's because I had a job to pay for things, we can finally start looking for houses and we can get the heck out of dodge. I went … Continue reading I actually hopped

Tum’s Bitterly Favorite Day

Early in September, when Tum's feel the first chill of fall, they feel a tingle in their calcium infused hearts.  Summer is a bitter season for the Tum's because people do things like spend time outside and exercise.  Food is consumed, but people work it off by going hiking, swimming(half an hour after anyways) and … Continue reading Tum’s Bitterly Favorite Day

“One more episode”

As you might know, I love people that can draw. I envy them for their skills and am bitter that I don’t have them. Also, I love binging on the Netflix especially, what my kids call the Silly Office. And I can’t believe that Netflix has the nerve to ask me in their little pop up if I’m still watching the Office. Of course I am, and don’t stop until the series is finished. Enjoy this post from The Halfhazard Wanderer.

the halfhazard wanderer

one more episode 1one more episode 2one more episode 3one more episode 4

Stop lying to yourself – one does not simply watch only “one more episode.” It’s a horrifying, addictive, binge cycle of one episode after another.

And when you finish the series, you move on to the next!

(*cough* Stranger Things *cough*)

So yes, I’ve been spending the majority of my life – and probably the remainder of it as well – sitting in bed with my nice full-battery laptop, clicking on that “next episode” button repeatedly while my conscience screams “IT’S UNHEALTHY!” Anybody else really addicted to a show right now?


(P.S. Yep, I’m back with another comic. I made an Instagram account recently and I’m trying to post one doodle a day. Another thing I’m addicted to!)

(P.P.S. It’s @kanakatblog hehe)

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Bad Fashion Bitter Friday Giftures

  This blog is many things, but one thing it is not is a fashion blog. You will not see an Outfit of the Day, or multiple photos of me trying different outfits on. I will not be giving the best tips for get the best deals on clothes during Black Friday. If anything, I … Continue reading Bad Fashion Bitter Friday Giftures

Real Bitter Customization

For some reason there has always been this weird debate between people's rival products. There is the XBox vs. Playstation vs. Nintendo thing, there is the whole Marvel vs. DC thing and this Apple vs. Samsung debate. I used to be the mad loyalist to products until the day that I realized they don't care … Continue reading Real Bitter Customization

I’d Like Your Divided Attention

When I was growing up and watched TV, I was riveted to the screen. I used to run home, throw my bag and homework in a scrap heap and run to turn on the after school cartoons like Transformers and G.I. Joe. Television has always had this mezmorizing effect on me, a way that I … Continue reading I’d Like Your Divided Attention