Last second Bitterness

If you keep tabs on the NBA and, to a lesser extent, other sports, you know that they spend like 47 minutes out of the first 48 minutes chilling. Hanging out like they are laying on a hammock on the beach. They just can't seem to resist waiting until the game really matters, then finally … Continue reading Last second Bitterness

9000!!!! Followers Friday Giftures

  Congratulations to the Darkest Fairytale, you just became the newest and bitterest member of the internet, IE you just became my 9000th WordPress follower. Do you know what this means? It means... It also means that we have to do at least 9000 gifs today for Friday Giftures. Ugh, it's going to be a … Continue reading 9000!!!! Followers Friday Giftures

Elevator Problems

  The other day I was talking about Netflix and I mentioned Die Hard being one of my all time favorite movies. From the fact that it really is a Christmas movie, to the fact that I currently have Bruce Willis hair that he had in that movie, to the unbelievable amount of lines in … Continue reading Elevator Problems

It’s Time to Pin This Week Down Giftures

If I was a wrestler, then I would probably wear a mask and be the Bitter Brawler or something like that. I just assume that people really wouldn't want to see what is under the mask. I pretty much wouldn't be a champion, and I certainly would be a villain, but definitely the least popular … Continue reading It’s Time to Pin This Week Down Giftures

Bitter Baller Brand

Over the last 5 years of blogging, I've noticed a few disturbing trends. One of the big ones is that my audience (the ones that have been tricked into reading this crap) don't really share much in common with me. Most of my readers are female (which is a demographic I don't really understand) and … Continue reading Bitter Baller Brand

An Ode to A Mother on This Day

Hey Mom, I hear there is some sort of day that happens every year that is supposed to honor you. I forgot to give you a gift all those years and stuff, so I'm gonna do the least best thing. I'm going to resend out this post I did like 4 years ago, because you … Continue reading An Ode to A Mother on This Day

Doors open to Friday Giftures

  A lot of people think of doors as a way to get into a better situation. Some people think of doors as a way to protect themselves from the outside world. But we know what they are really for. They are the introverts best friend. Not only do they keep the bad people out … Continue reading Doors open to Friday Giftures

The Bitter Edit Button

  If you've had any chance to view my blog at all, you know part of the deal is all the errors. I am constantly misspelling wurds, making really terrible transitions, and making all kinds of false claims that can't be verified. It must be a constant annoyance all you bitter followers that are forced … Continue reading The Bitter Edit Button

Back in the Swing of Friday Giftures

It's been a long time coming, but someone finally accepted this big ball of bitterness into their office. I will be starting to raise the bitterness quotient dramatically into a new company starting on Monday. I will now have something new to complain about. That's right. I got a job. What is quite ironic is … Continue reading Back in the Swing of Friday Giftures