Math Bitterness

Something just doesn't add up. It seems like we are all just so divided. Maybe it is just time to subtract something from all of our lives. Either that or we need to multiply our efforts. I just think there is no common denominator anymore. I just feel like if we just took a fraction … Continue reading Math Bitterness

This isn’t the Voice

I am constantly losing things. I've lost my wallet multiple times, usually when I needed it the most. Once I lost my wallet when I was at an amusement park in Cincinnati and had to have all the money so I could buy sweet souviners. I was steaming mad, but as always, it was inside … Continue reading This isn’t the Voice

Super Straw Friday Giftures

  I'm finally starting to watch Parks And Rec, by the recommendation of just about everyone, and you know for a fact it isn't because of Leslie Knope. Way to optomistic, way too friendly, way too much of a hard worker. Obviously it is for Ron Swanson and Andy. Ron is the perfect example and … Continue reading Super Straw Friday Giftures

Bitter Long Legs

I was attending another function as I am loathe to do because usually functions have to do with interacting with other human people, and I was sitting down like normal (standing is for athletes and psychopaths). I'm 6'1, so not that tall, but tall enough that I have tall people problems. I have to reach … Continue reading Bitter Long Legs

Debendable Ben – The Snow MVP

I forged my bitterness in the cold snow and ice of South Dakota. I grew up there, and it wasn't a fun place, especially in the winter. I've mentioned many times on this blog, but not recently, that one time when I was in 3rd grade, it got to -80 F wind chill and they … Continue reading Debendable Ben – The Snow MVP

Blog Closed Today

In light of the events of it being too snowy, windy and cold outside and my bitterness for having to go outside and go sledding and have snowball fights, it has been determined that this blog will be closed today. If you are caught in this hideous storm, feel free to be bitter as well. … Continue reading Blog Closed Today

Towel A Ban Bitter Friday Giftures

  Today, I'm going to go all Seinfeld on you. I know it similar to some of the plots of many of the Seinfeld shows, but who is in charge of the automatic towel dispensers in the bathroom? Some of them roll out a red carpet below your feet before they stop dispensing. Others, like … Continue reading Towel A Ban Bitter Friday Giftures

Obey My Commands!

It's Valentine's Day here on the BBB. Well, I guess it is also other places too, but I'm not sure. We do a lot of things on Valentine's around here. Like complain about love and hearts, and candy and flowers and we wonder why the heck they don't make a bigger deal about National Pizza … Continue reading Obey My Commands!

Animal Kingdom Bitterness

As a marketer at heart, I'm always thinking about my audience. (Just so you know, that means no one is really a person to me, just a target market. IE, my mom isn't my mom, just a part of the female senior demographic.) For pretty much the almost 6 years I've been doing this blog, … Continue reading Animal Kingdom Bitterness

We are supposed to be uncomfortable

Who loves motivational speakers/speaking? Well not me of course. I just love how much time we as a society spend on motivational speaking. I've probably heard a thousand speeches between work, and movies and YouTube videos and the same thing happens every time.  A speaker gets up, tells you how miserable your life is because … Continue reading We are supposed to be uncomfortable

Super Bowl of Chili

Today is the big game! Get your chili, your cheesy fries, and your couch ready because football's ultimate game is today. We could talk about the millions of pounds of food consumed. We could talk about all the millions of dollars spent on gambling and prop bets (those weird ones like what color will Justin … Continue reading Super Bowl of Chili

Some Coal Appeared and Saw Its Shadow Bitter Friday Giftures

  Sometimes I get a little confused. I know that today is Groundhog's Day, but does he appear and make a shadow if the winter is going to be six weeks longer or if you are naughty you get coal. Also, which is the one with fireworks? Is it Halloween or St. Patrick's Day? And … Continue reading Some Coal Appeared and Saw Its Shadow Bitter Friday Giftures

Pizza Better for you than cereal

The radio. Often you are forced to listen to it in your car because you can't really do anything else. You're not allowed to text, or play video games, and reading books seems to be out of the question. It's kind of uncool that we aren't even allowed to sleep while we are driving. It … Continue reading Pizza Better for you than cereal