Bitter Year End Wrap Up

If you don't know this by now, I'm gonna tell you something revolutionary about me. I don't blog like other people.  I don't blog about recipes (well, I might do one if there is a recipe with something bitter in it and I learn how to cook someday), write about my family, blog about relationships, … Continue reading Bitter Year End Wrap Up

Bitter Comments and Commenter of the Year

Bitter comments are a necessary part of this blog because it is a way that I can get down on a more personal level with the people.  This is a way I can tell a person one on one why they in particular should be bitter and how I can mentor them in more bitter … Continue reading Bitter Comments and Commenter of the Year

Twas the Night to Be Bitter

Just so you know, I didn't major in the poetry arts in college.  Also, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is very long and I am very impatient.  And by the way, rappers don't always exactly rhyme all the time either and they get paid millions of dollars more than I do.  So, with that in … Continue reading Twas the Night to Be Bitter

The White Elephant Bitter Blog Post

You know it's your favorite time of the year.  Not the shopping, or the crowds or hullabalu.  Not the television specials, or cheesy ads, or the egg nog.  Not the parties, at least the party part.  The party where you get to exchange White Elephant Gifts.  The excuse  you have to wrap up some garbage … Continue reading The White Elephant Bitter Blog Post

Casual Friday Giftures

I don't know about you, but if I had the chance I would never wear clothes...that didn't include sweatpants, short sleeve T-shirts and either bare feet, or if it was necessary to wear something on my feet, sandals.  Some companies try to make it seem like they are doing us a big favor by allowing … Continue reading Casual Friday Giftures

Bitter Obsessions

After doing extensive research, I've found that people are too busy to read the internet and blogs right now because they are too busy celebrating the holidays.  Words are too hard to read and pictures are like a thousand words each, so there certainly isn't time for that.  So, I'm bitter about it, but I'm keeping this short … Continue reading Bitter Obsessions

How to Solve Your Bitter Energy Crisis

This last Saturday, I was convinced that I was the only person in the tri-state area(Washington, Canada, and Portland) that thought that I would be able to walk in at 9:00 am(or a little after) for the 9 am doorbuster to a get the new Call of Duty game I only kinda wanted for $19.99 at … Continue reading How to Solve Your Bitter Energy Crisis

Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Things have happened this week.  Things that may never be unseen.  Happy people talking about music, and presents and having fun with their families.  It has been hard to look at, hard to see.  Well, I can't take it anymore.  I need to cleanse my mind of all this cheeriness. Well, it is Friday now and … Continue reading Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Bittervational Speech – Everyone is Better Than You

  It has been the purpose of this blog from the very beginning to help people overcome the heavy weight and burden of being happy all the time.  If you don't believe me, go alllll the way back to my very first, terribly written post that introduced the world (by world, I mean my family) … Continue reading Bittervational Speech – Everyone is Better Than You

Bitter Plan-it Hauling Wood

My aspirations when I was growing up were not too much different than other kids my age.  Most of them wanted to be Superman or Batman or a fireman.  I also wanted to be in the comics, but as minion #2 for a nefarious megalomaniac dude (or dudette) bent on world domination. As per my life, nothing went smoothly or according to plan, though I've heard you … Continue reading Bitter Plan-it Hauling Wood

Not Wanted: Lost Puppy Blog

You didn't think this had anything to do with puppies did you?  It was a ploy like a bad sports or newspaper headline to attract readership.  But why would I ever want to attract you here? It just makes more work for me and work is the last thing I want to do on a Monday … Continue reading Not Wanted: Lost Puppy Blog

Get Hooked on Friday Giftures

You know how when you first start reading this blog, you can't turn away because it is such a train wreck that you can't stop reading it?  And then you wait for the next one in the next hour and it just never comes and you can't concentrate on anything else? I'm sorry to tell you, that you … Continue reading Get Hooked on Friday Giftures

How to Stage a Bittervention

The holidays are a hotbed of people being excited, happy to see each other, warm fires, fun chats with family and friends. The cold, hard reality is that you will be surround by insanely happy people.  Don't worry, I know how hard this can be. Happy people are a really buzzkill to the gloomy, sad, … Continue reading How to Stage a Bittervention

The Bitter Scents of the Season

It's finally December, which as you know, means that it is finally time for awesome characters to come out of the woodwork, like Scrooge and the Grinch stealing Christmas and all kinds of evil villains in movies, like Boss who makes you stay late on Christmas Eve and Boyfriend who is a little too into … Continue reading The Bitter Scents of the Season