Bitter Tuesday Pictures of the week

A few people know that Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week.  Every Tuesday things happen at work that suck and make me feel bitter.  Stuff like people finally woke from their slumber on Monday and decide to work and when other people work, that makes me have to work and I don't … Continue reading Bitter Tuesday Pictures of the week

Kid’s Birthday Party: A bitter review

Since I don't like to think or do much on the weekends(or any other day for that matter), I have decided to start a new feature on the weekends (that is Saturday or Sunday for people that don't know) dedicated to reviewing things that make me bitter.  It could be a movie I slept through, … Continue reading Kid’s Birthday Party: A bitter review

Lazy Friday Picture Bitterness

I know it has been a hard week for everyone, because blah, blah, blah it is always a hard week for everyone ever.  But especially for the readers of this blog who have had to endure so many words these past two posts.  So in order to show that I don't care at all, I have … Continue reading Lazy Friday Picture Bitterness

Bitter Bees

I was cruising along the highway on my way home from yet another bitter day of work, window down, sweating up a storm, with my no air conditioning, perusing WordPress on my phone, while not paying attention to the road(or anything else for that matter), except to occasionally look up at the ridiculous gas prices, … Continue reading Bitter Bees

Outdoor Bitterness

When I was growing up, one of my first memories was when I was 6 years old.  My brother and I got home from an excersion of some sort(might have been a vacation trip or a trip to the grocery store.  You expect me to remember?  I was 6.)  I was dressed in my Superman pajamas and my brother was in his Batman pj's … Continue reading Outdoor Bitterness

Bitter Ben Kryptonite

As a 16/7 user of WordPress, I not only blog, but I spy on read other people's blogs, whenever I am not writing or thinking about writing things about bitterness.   I used to go to websites like ESPN and, but ever since being on WordPress, I don't go to them much anymore. If WordPress gets more money for every minute people … Continue reading Bitter Ben Kryptonite

Bitter Apathetic Lazy Telekenetic Pictures (or Bitter Pictures of the Week)

You know when Hallmark says when you can't think of the words to say, express it through a Hallmark card?  Well, Hallmark hasn't done any bitter cards yet, and I haven't invented my line of Bitter Cards yet, so I decided to have someone who works on a farm and another person who take pictures … Continue reading Bitter Apathetic Lazy Telekenetic Pictures (or Bitter Pictures of the Week)

Bitter Sleep

Yesterday, I was sitting on my computer most of the day, staring at it.  The cursor was staring back at me, blinking, laughing at me and challenging me to write some halfway decent words.  In other words, it has been making me very bitter.  When the thoughts don't come and the creative spark doesn't electrify me, I can't … Continue reading Bitter Sleep

Zombie Apocalypse Bitterness

With the recent outbreak (get it?) of popular movies like World War Z and television shows like The Walking Dead people are worried about a zombie apocalypse.  They should be worried.  Though it appears that most of us are just normal, average, everday citizens, the Zombie Apocalypse is actually upon us right now.  If you don't … Continue reading Zombie Apocalypse Bitterness

Random Picture Bitterness

Tuesday is like the Bitter of Flavors. No one likes it and everyone just wants it to go away. For some reason all of our neighborhood kids like to hang out in our house all day, eating all our food, messing up our house, scattering toys everywhere, breaking all our valuables, and then when I get home, none … Continue reading Random Picture Bitterness

Bitter Bucket List

Yesterday when I was giving our ditch a haircut and experiencing this weird sensation called pain(I'm never going to do this work thing again), I realized I was going to eventually kick the bucket(the stupid bucket keeps appearing in our yard somehow and I'm pretty clumsy). I've heard of a thing called a Bucket List … Continue reading Bitter Bucket List

My Bitter Rights

I broke from tradition on the 4th of July and moved outside of my house to do something.  We spent some time with some weird people (I think my wife called them family) and did activities.  Activities are those things that require you talk to people and move around and work your muscles a bit.  … Continue reading My Bitter Rights

Bitter Car Pictures of the Week

Doesn't it make you bitter when you just want someone else to do your work for you, because you are lazy? Well, not only am I lazy, but I am incompetent.  I don't know anything about cars, except how to operate the windshield wipers.  And even those I get confused with.  Which button makes them go slow … Continue reading Bitter Car Pictures of the Week