Middle Aged Suckery BFG’s

Do you remember that stupid game your teachers made you play when you were a kid, where the teacher tells one kid a secret and then you had to tell the next person the thing they said? At the end, the last person would try to say the thing that the first person said, and … Continue reading Middle Aged Suckery BFG’s

Reboot Bitterness

You have no idea how many times I've had to write this post. Well, okay I will tell you. Once. It was once, okay? But that doesn't mean I haven't had to write a bunch of other posts a lot of times. In fact, my best and most brilliant post ever had to be written … Continue reading Reboot Bitterness

Nobody is looking at you BFG’s

I haven't progressed much since my teen years. Just like I did in my teens, I still play video games, I still wear jeans and shorts (and jean shorts(jorts)), and still also have a driver's license just like I did as a teen. As the old expression goes, "The more things change, the more things … Continue reading Nobody is looking at you BFG’s

I will soon own Scotland…and then the World

Taking over the world is hard work. Terrorists are constantly trying to do it in movies, governments are always trying to topple other governments and countries one at a time, and Pinky and the Brain have been trying to do it since 1995. Sorry lab rat, beat you to it. Unfortunately for Pinky and the … Continue reading I will soon own Scotland…and then the World

Misery loves Privacy BFG’s

Last week, I said I was taking care of important business, so I just had to give my blog the average amount of attention. That was because I was dropping my daughter off to college. It was important for me to do so, because she is now attending my alma mater. Which according to Wikipedia … Continue reading Misery loves Privacy BFG’s

Bitter Memory Lane

After the Sun's extensively long starring role in the summer production of Summer, it's overacting finally got a co-star of whose performance equaled it strength. Yes gloomy, rainy and cloudy today stepped into the spotlight darkened the earth and skies. The meteorologists were handing out 100's this summer like Biden is handing out 100's to … Continue reading Bitter Memory Lane

Generic Bitter Friday Giftures

Since I'm going to be taking care of very important business this Friday, I'm not going to be available to you for your weekly dose of bitterness. I know you expect high-quality content every single Friday without exception, because you're greedy and needy. I know you all think I'm a creative genius, and you're right, … Continue reading Generic Bitter Friday Giftures

Emotional Support Video Game

I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by the story of Steve Jobs. Why? Because he more at things than I have ever even attempted. Failure is the bedrock of bitterness. And if you think I'm bitter, you should see how bitter Steve Jobs was. Not as bitter, but he was one of the … Continue reading Emotional Support Video Game

Dueling Identities Bitter Friday Giftures

Did you know that there are literally millions of podcasts on the internet right now? I didn't know that either, because I'm just guessing. What do you think, I talk about facts on here? Almost everything I write is either made up or mostly made up. But one thing I do know is that there … Continue reading Dueling Identities Bitter Friday Giftures