Bitterly Pressed

Yes, it is hard to believe that anyone would ever find my posts worth anything more than bitter garbage fodder, but somehow I bribed wrote my way into getting Freshly Pressed.  This means that everyone has a chance!


The first one was all about the Reasons Being Really Tall Sucks

The second was a tradition that I have been doing for years on my birthday.  This year just happened to be 41 Things I’m Bitter About.



30 thoughts on “Bitterly Pressed

  1. I haven’t read Freshly Pressed, or if I have, it was a long time ago, and I stopped after the first paragraph. Serious gives me a headache. I binged on a Dirty Harry marathon recently, and he’s very serious, but 1975 is a safe distance away.

    Serious gets me in trouble. The last time I was serious, it was today, on FBook. I hadn’t checked in there for awhile, and I asked a ‘friend’ if his blog was still functioning, because I have the link to it on my blog, and it seemed to be kaput. He asked me if I was ‘Trying to be funny, and did I have liver cancer?’

    I’m no doctor, but the two conditions seem to be in direct opposition to each other. I was confused, a serious reaction to a funny question. (Maybe I should have approached his response from an SAT test-like perspective as being a trick question and checked None of the Above.) I thought he had forgotten his own blog, and was assuming I was drunk. Those two things don’t naturally follow, either. I’ve never, ever hit the bottle over someone’s forgetfulness, unless they fail to signal a right turn in front of me. In which case, I throw a bottle of Jack Daniels right at their rear window.

    I queried whether he had knowledge of a health condition of mine of which I was unaware, and that I wasn’t being funny. (I can do much better than that, when it comes to funny.) He told me he WASN’T being funny, and that he had liver cancer! How the heck was I supposed to know?

    I meekly apologized for being obtuse, insensitive, and SO not funny, and crept away, to nurse my bitterness over not being told when someone I don’t know (or at least barely remember knowing-maybe I AM drunk) is gravely ill. Sheesh.

    I’m no movie star, but I did feel a Dirty-Harry-Squint forming on the upper half of my face.

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    • I know. The serious ones are always so earnest or deep that they give me a headache too. They should really just give humor a chance, because they can be just as well written and affect people in just the same way as a super serious one can.


  2. Twice? Wow! Sometimes I care about being Freshly Pressed and sometimes I don’t. Lately, it’s been the former. I feel like if I purposely write to be on there then I will lose my voice and be a conformist. I guess I can sell out just once … or twice.


    • Actually it was kinda cool at the time. And it was great to be popular for a couple of days, but when I go to Freshly Pressed these days, it is almost always about really obscure and serious topics, none of which I ever cover, so I don’t even really go there that much anymore. And after I got it the second time, I stopped worrying about it that much. Have you ever been? If not, I hope you do just so you can experience the highs and lows of it.

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      • No, I have never been, and never attempted to, however, it’s on my mind now. Speaking of lows, I’m glad you didn’t stop blogging. I read an article saying many bloggers who have been Freshly Pressed stopped writing soon after. Like a curse or something.


        • Yeah, it’s kind of funny how that works. They must write their master opus and then think they are on to bigger and better things, or run out of stuff to write. I think the thing that keeps me blogging is that I love writing and also this blog has always had a purpose from the beginning. Even when no one was reading it, I still loved the creative aspect of it. No matter what I will be writing in some form or another.

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        • I love that! I share the same passion for creativity and writing. When I’m tired of words I draw. When I’m tired of one style of writing I switch to another. But at the end I’m still producing. Your wordplay with ‘bitter’ is awesome!


        • Well, I write the blog, but also writing a book and I love to collaborate with other people on stuff too. My ideal would be to have a writing partner that I’m simpatico with like my friend Aaron and you bounce ideas of each other and write a show or something.

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        • I always wondered why talented writers like yourself don’t write shows for YouTube. That’s what I’m doing. Unlike me, you have a partner. Why not make a series on YouTube. Forget a single viral video. Go for serial content.


        • I actually don’t have a partner, I wish I did. I have a friend that would be awesome, but he is in a different state. If he lived here, or I lived there I would totally insist that we become writing partners and make videos all the time. Have you seen video game high school? It’s a great series on YouTube that RocketJump made. It’s like three seasons and the writing is incredible. I would love to do something like that, but it seems like they have a crew the size of a regular series just to do it.

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        • No, I haven’t, but I definitely will check them out. You should still attempt to do something, by yourself, or with friends/family there. Look at me … I am a one man writing team for YouTube channel I am launching in a few months. Sure I been working on it since 2013 and having partners would’ve definitely sped things up, but I’m here. I always said once things positioned themselves where I can pay people to co-write with me it will be bloggers I love on WordPress. There’s some talented people on here working sh*t jobs who deserve better.


        • I do have two videos on YouTube that I worked on with another blogger that I wrote. Problem is, I don’t have a good camera presence and she totally out did me. If I could get some people to do the acting parts, I would totally do it. I would just be the writer/director. My video is under the Bitter Entertainment Page on my blog if you want to check it out. I did the writing.

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        • Cool. I’m going to check them out either later tonight or tomorrow and give you my initial reaction. I’m the same way about just wanting to write and direct but when you don’t have anyone to do the acting roles you gotta just GO FOR IT yourself


        • Their comment is new. My original isn’t. If someone is going to comment on something 100 days old I expect a comment with more substance and meaning. Like, something that will actually teach me something. Something damn near life changing. That person left the type of comment you leave when the original comment is fresh (like 3 days old) and relevant. Hmph.


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