Thanksgiving Friday Pictures Bitterness

It's Black Friday, so that means I assume everyone is out getting pummeled by other people just so they can a TV that is worth a $1000 for $900.  The Waltons are probably at home enjoying the cameras outside their Walmart for Black Friday Fight Club.  Before we talk about Black Friday tragedies, let's just … Continue reading Thanksgiving Friday Pictures Bitterness

Bitter Dreams Toy Company

When I am asked to give a speech at seminars, usually as the Principal of the B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness, I don't prepare.  A long time ago, I would pore over notes, walk around talking to myself and even have dillusions of more than my parents clapping at a rousing speech that I would give.  Then … Continue reading Bitter Dreams Toy Company

In case you missed it…This will help you forget

Don't you hate when you forget something?  For me, it is either my wallet, phone, keys, 3DS, or that today is Monday. You on the other hand, may have forgotten to read some of my bitter posts.  Here is my unhandy guide to going back into the past and doing something you will regret. I … Continue reading In case you missed it…This will help you forget

Unlucky Friday Picture Bitterness

Some people might not call me unlucky, but they would be wrong.  It is all about perspective.  Some may say that I am lucky that I have a job.  I say I'm unlucky that I have to work here.  Some may call me lucky because I have enough money for food, and sometimes water.  I … Continue reading Unlucky Friday Picture Bitterness

Bitter Things that Won’t Go Away

Thanksgiving time is upon us, which means that most people will either take advantage of other people's hospitality and eat their food, take up space on their couch and leave way later than they should have leaving nothing but turkey bones and leftover scents(not the potporri variety) or they will have to host someone who … Continue reading Bitter Things that Won’t Go Away

Exercise Bitterness

As I stated here last week, I was banned from work off on vacation last week.  As part of my vacation, I had to perform community service by spending time with and answering the demands of the squatters in our house.   Some of the demands they required were driving them to school, doing homework with … Continue reading Exercise Bitterness

In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

I spent all week not working.  Okay, I don't work most weeks, but this one happened to be where I was at home being lazy.  I sent the kids off to school, "allowed" my wife to go shopping and I killed some alien lizards with chainsaws, because they invaded my home.  When someone interrupts my … Continue reading In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

Friday Thankless Giving Pictures

Since it is Friday and November, it is time for people to start thinking about things that they are thankful for.  Other people that is.  If you know anything about me though, I'm not other people though am I?   So, I am going to talk about things I'm not thankful for. My computer... Un-fortune-ate … Continue reading Friday Thankless Giving Pictures

Line Bitterness

According to the website might be fun, but math is nothing but pure bitterness), the geometric definition of a line is three things.  1: It has no thickness, 2. It is straight (has no curves) and C. It extends in both directions (it has no end).  I happen to believe that some lines are … Continue reading Line Bitterness

How to Bitterly Disappoint Someone or yourself

This last Friday, I was celebrating yet another terrible week of work, (156 weeks and counting) by ordering a Pizza Hut Pizza(156 weeks and counting).  This is always a way for me to not only mark the last day of the week before I don't have to do it anymore(for two days), but it is … Continue reading How to Bitterly Disappoint Someone or yourself

In case you missed it…You are probably from another galaxy..or earth

If you weren't visiting my blog this week, you aren't alone.  About 6,999,999,950 people on the earth didn't either.  Also most people or aliens from every planet, star, and exploding galaxy also didn't read it, so that is why I'm giving every one you a second chance to be annoyed by these poorly put together … Continue reading In case you missed it…You are probably from another galaxy..or earth

Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

In case you are really bad at looking at calendars or bad at realizing how people seem to be dressed in casual jeans instead of their normally dapper attire, it is Friday.  A day in which, I like to post blantantly stolen pictures from the internet and loosely relate them to how bitter I am.  … Continue reading Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

The Bitter Blog Bandit is on the loose…again

Bitter Greetings bloggers of the internet.  I am Bitter Barry of the BBI (Bitter Bureau of Investigation for those of you who live under the sea. I'm talking to you Ariel!).  I am in a casually desperate search for a criminal called the Ben the Bitter Blog Bandit.  He is not really dangerous or scary, but he is in … Continue reading The Bitter Blog Bandit is on the loose…again

Bitter Management

Many years ago, when I was a lot less into my mid life crisis (29 years old), I had told my wife of my desire for a surprise party for my 30th birthday. After talking about it, she told me it wasn't a good idea, because I would know about it and it wouldn't be … Continue reading Bitter Management

In case you missed it…I’m blogging home alone

November is my bitterest blogging time of the year.  There is a little known fact that just about everyone on WordPress is participating in NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, or Movember and I just have one thing to say to all these weirdos.  Thanks a whole lot.  I mean it.  Now that you people will be busy writing … Continue reading In case you missed it…I’m blogging home alone

Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

So Halloween happened yesterday, on a Thursday(in case you can't read calendars or are not the master of obvious like me).  This post is dedicated to all those who either forgot that it was Thursday yesterday and it was near impossible to drag themselves out of bed, or are like me and remembered, but don't … Continue reading Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness