Suncastic Bitter Giftures

The sun is 93 million miles away (at least according to the scientist Sun E. Day, who traveled from earth to the sun with a big tape measure.  Though he accidentally let go at 84 million, so he had to come back and get it again.  Then, he was only 1 million away and got … Continue reading Suncastic Bitter Giftures

The Struggle Bus

Hey you, bitter kids in the back seats! Sit down and shut it! I'm Bitter Ben and I am your struggle bus driver for the day.  I know that we've been driving around lost for hours now, but don't worry, that has been on purpose.  I have no intention of getting you anywhere you want to go or … Continue reading The Struggle Bus

Bitter Leftovers -Bankruptcy

It's pretty clear I'm not famous, which is fine, because who wants to be hassled with having people around ALL. THE. TIME.? I'm sure there are some perks to being famous, like being able to yell at assistants, show up late to stuff, pout in your trailer and appear in magazines as a complete tool, … Continue reading Bitter Leftovers -Bankruptcy

Junk Mail Friday Giftures

This world needs less junk.  Between the junk emails, junk mail littering our mailboxes, and the junk that is wandering around on practically every website ever, a big volcano is going to erupt someday and give us all papercuts. And you know how painful they are.  I watched Hoarders last night against my will (the … Continue reading Junk Mail Friday Giftures

The Battle of Nerf Gun Control Bitterness

When I first moved to Seattle, I thought it would be near a coffee shop, or a shop where people threw fish at me, or underneath a huge needle looking tower thing that would be throwing fish at me.  I knew so little about this Seattle and what it would look like.  Instead of one … Continue reading The Battle of Nerf Gun Control Bitterness

The Bitter Energy Crisis

There is an energy crisis in this country.  It doesn't have anything to do with fuel, or gas, or coal or oil.  This is a human energy crisis.  We are so tired from staying up late playing video games, watching YouTube, watching TV or heaven forbid work, that when some of us wake up at … Continue reading The Bitter Energy Crisis

Bitter Leftovers – Quiet INTERRUPTED

We all seem to have one of those people in our lives that just can't be quiet.  That just can't stand the silence.  That have to verbalize every thought they have ever had ever.  No matter how stupid.  The co-worker next door neighbor that has to express every feeling and every emotion after every call … Continue reading Bitter Leftovers – Quiet INTERRUPTED

Bitter Skydiving Friday Giftures

Every Sunday night, we all collectively board a small plane, with a super loud propeller, and the wind screaming in our ears so we can hardly hear each other.  We are getting all kinds of instructions from some former skydiver who just wanted to surf his whole life, but realized that life costs money.  So … Continue reading Bitter Skydiving Friday Giftures

Leftover Bitterness- A Bitter Symphony

  My commute was hot as usual, because the air conditioning in my car didn't work because my arms didn't feel like rolling the windows down. So, of course, I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything but park...myself on the couch.  But then I was hungry, but there was no plan on the … Continue reading Leftover Bitterness- A Bitter Symphony

Cartoon shaming bitterness

When I was in my late dating years, I tried to woo a girl that didn't particularly want to be wooed by me, but for whatever reason I kept trying to get a date with her.  She finally relented and I decided that I should go on a double date with my brother and his … Continue reading Cartoon shaming bitterness

The Bitter Battlefield of Fake Wars

  I'm pretty conservative when it comes to proclaiming something to be the "BEST EVER" or "WORST EVER!" because I'm not a child of the internet, where message boards, comments or blogs are full of that crap.  Trust me, I have some pretty dark bitter days at work, at restaurants or at grocery stores, but … Continue reading The Bitter Battlefield of Fake Wars

The Epic Horribleness of Bitterflies

So you are out in the middle of a large meadow, the grass blowing gently in the breeze, your plaid blanket covered with paper plates full of delicious cheeses and crackers, and you're sipping on some ice cold lemonade.  It's a just right 70 degrees and the laughter of your company is a little loud … Continue reading The Epic Horribleness of Bitterflies

Making it Rain like Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls Like the Motion of the Ocean Friday Gifture

For some reason, there is this mythological romantic, almost magical alure that the ocean holds over people.  The rhythm of the waves, the peaceful sounds of the seagulls.  The majesty of being one with ocean while surfing, and the quiet of the air, the sand getting in every nook and cranny, the uncertainty of what … Continue reading Making it Rain like Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls Like the Motion of the Ocean Friday Gifture

An Inside Review of the Outside of Inside Out

So it's been pretty hot outside for the last month or so here and by that, I mean it's been in the 90's and not rainy at all.  For most people that live in Cairo, you probably laugh and say, "HA HA. We live in a desert where sand and stuff gets in our eyes, … Continue reading An Inside Review of the Outside of Inside Out

Sunday Comic Bitterness

I don't know about you, but once I became a blogger, my family and bitter people who call themselves my friends, started giving me suggestions on what I should "blog about". Random family member: "Hey you should do a bitter blog about traffic." Me: "Yeah, I never would have thought of doing one on traffic.  … Continue reading Sunday Comic Bitterness

The Summer of Bitter Ben Giftures I'm getting full pay for three days to do nothing. I'm gonna do something with these three days. I'm gonna read a magazine from beginning to end in that order.  I'm gonna learn Bolf.  Bitter golf.  Golf with Bitterness. This is gonna be my time. Time to taste the bitter fruits and let the … Continue reading The Summer of Bitter Ben Giftures

Hand some Ben Bitterness

Hands are a pretty amazing and versatile set of things at the end of your arms.  They are really good at things like punching people, avoiding handshakes, even holding strong weapons to defend and offend other people. But some video game and comic book characters are lucky enough to have other things in the place … Continue reading Hand some Ben Bitterness

Would you rather…?

You know what my favorite game show is? Jeopardy.  Actually Celebrity Jeopardy. Actually Celebrity Jeopardy as portrayed by Saturday Night Live.  Wanna know why? Because of the way they answer in the form of a question. Actually, it's because of the categories.  Not really, it's because of Alex Trabek. Well, more because of Will Ferrell's … Continue reading Would you rather…?