Broken Record Bitter Friday Giftures

Have you ever noticed that your life seems like a broken record? Hold on. Let’s back up a little here first. What is a broken record? If you are under 25 do you even know what a record is? If you don’t, it is a really large CD, which, wait, you probably don’t know what a CD is. A CD is basically an MP3 which was put onto a physical disc. Wait, do you even know what an MP3 is? Okay, Spotify. It’s Spotify. Got it? It’s an ancient thing that only stored 9-10 Spotify things.

So how we start thinking of broken records as a way to express repeating things? Why not Deja Vu? Did we call the replicating cat in the Matrix a broken record? Maybe it is because when records were just slightly off they would repeat a sequence over and over again. Anyways, I’ve always had a history of repeating myself ever since I was young. I first noticed when I was young, my dad would tell me things two or three times in a row and I would make fun of him for it.

Then one day I was at work on the phones and someone called that was from the same town I grew up in. I told my co-worker and then must have told her a few more times, because she’s like, “Hey, Ben did you grow up in Dix Hills, NY?” and I realized she was mocking me, because I had told her that several times.

Ever since then I realize that I like to repeat things, because well, I rarely have anything interesting to tell people ever. Probably because we live in a pretty mundane world that has a lot of repeating to do. For instance, have you noticed that we just keep having the same seven days just repeat themselves week after week? We also have the same 24 hours in a day, and the same sixty minutes in an hour, etc. And we seem to go to the same workplace 5-7 days a week. And the same three people seem to always be in my house in the mornings and evenings.

And somehow every Friday (last couple of weeks being the exception), you seem to have the same fricking blog with Bitter Friday Giftures…

Speaking of which…

…have you noticed that gifs repeat over and over?

It seems like we see the same…

assist slam dunk GIF
…dunks every week.

The same kids getting in our way…

team work GIF by Electric Cyclery
…on our way to work.

Baseball is just the same boring…

Clap Lol GIF by Marquee Sports Network
…pitching and catching over and over.

Seems like we have the same thing for lunch…

Mean Girls Whatever GIF
…every single day.

The Matrix…

pup repeat GIF
…except with dogs this time.

Bill and Ted’s…

Keanu Reeves Bill Ted 3 GIF by Madman Films
…even repeated itself this year.

The same news just kept…

sassy role playing GIF by Hyper RPG
…coming out again and again.

Everybody kept saying…

Work Working GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
…I’m working from home again.

Seemed like everyone and every event…

Sassy Over It GIF by Nickelodeon
…was cancelled.

It seemed like even the games…

computer GIF
…were starting to get repetitive.

Let’s just hope we have another year like that…

video games art GIF
…because the business of bitterness has never been better.

What do you all think? Can we keep up the bitter work and continue with this really bad work? Who is with me for a repeat of last year?


Bitter Repeat Repeat Ben


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