Bitter Ghost Writer

I have now written over 1,350 blog post over a 10-year period. Some were bad, most were awful, and the rest were pure garbage. I'm like the Sysphus of blog writing. No matter how bad the posts get, and how negative the feedback gets, I just keep coming back for more. Any sane person would … Continue reading Bitter Ghost Writer

Life Gifing Bitter Friday Gifs

I used to care about famous people. I looked up to them because they could memorize lines or dribble basketballs really well. Then I grew up and realized that most of them were just really suck. Most of them either got lucky, focused maniacally on one thing in detriment to anything else in their lives, … Continue reading Life Gifing Bitter Friday Gifs

Ratio’d Bitter Friday Giftures

I love listening to my headphones at work because it seems dangerously close to not doing work, which is my favorite thing to do. Work avoidance, both at work and at home are really great skills to have. I've always tried my best to be mediocre or less in everything I do. Yesterday, I accidentally … Continue reading Ratio’d Bitter Friday Giftures

Camera BFG’s (Bitter Friday Giftures)

What do you think is more prestigious? Being on the cover of a magazine or being featured on a sweatshirt? This might have been a hard question back in the 80's when I grew up, because back then we had a thing called magazines. It's hard to imagine my kids even understanding the importance of … Continue reading Camera BFG’s (Bitter Friday Giftures)

Batman is DC’s Spiderman Bitterness

A lot of people wonder in awe at how great I am at writing, especially considering that I've never been a big reader. I suppose I could be an adequate reader if Audible just narrated all the books to me. On the other hand, I could just have TV do all the work by narrating … Continue reading Batman is DC’s Spiderman Bitterness

Half a Score and 0 teen years ago…

Half a score and 0 teen years ago, I brought forth on this platform, a new bitter blog, conceived in bitterness, and dedicated to the proposition that all people are equally bitter. Now we are engaged in this great uncivil bitterness, testing whether this nation of blog readers or any other blog readers, so conceived … Continue reading Half a Score and 0 teen years ago…

Blog Burning BFG’s

My patheticness, sorry I mean, my apatheticness toward reading started at a really young age. My mom took special care to not read to me every night, because she had an infinitely more important child that she had to make a success. My sister was always more important to my parents, so of course, they … Continue reading Blog Burning BFG’s

Group Text Bitterness

In this big bitter world of ours, it is increasingly important to be a multitasker. There are too many unimportant things going on to do just one thing. Kids are aces at pulling off multitasking. They can watch Tik Tok, Snapchat their friends, play video games, watch YouTube, not clean their rooms, and forget to … Continue reading Group Text Bitterness