Mouse bitterness

Mice or rats or whatever you want to call them make me so bitter.  They are squeaky and they run all over your house infecting things and chewing up valuable clothing that is worn once and then stored neatly in the back of your closet never to be worn again. Have they not realized that … Continue reading Mouse bitterness

Comedy bitterness

  This may sound like an oxymoron, but I am Bitter about comedy.  Maybe it's because I am an old man, or because I associate with a whole bunch of people that aren't funny.  And by not funny I mean that they don't think I'm funny.   I get that some people don't think I'm funny.  My wife gets a pass because she … Continue reading Comedy bitterness

Celebrity Rider Bitterness

Celebrities make me so bitter.  I get that some of them worked really hard to get to where they were.  Some of them anyways.  But most of them were entitled brats that think we as the general population should support them forever, because at one time, they did something unique or funny or they were … Continue reading Celebrity Rider Bitterness