Thank Bitter It’s Friday (TBIF) before Labor Day

This week I took two days off, because I felt like not working. After today I will have only worked 3 days this week.  The lesson I have learned?  This should be the normal workweek.  3 days should be the amount of days we work and 4 days should be the amount of days we have … Continue reading Thank Bitter It’s Friday (TBIF) before Labor Day

Golden Corral Bitterness

Isn't it everyone's dream to have it all? The nice car, the nice house, and the nice family and even a picket fence? Not my dream either. In the arena of food, that is what the lure of an all you can eat, all different kinds of food, buffet style restaurant is all about.  We are suckers and we were … Continue reading Golden Corral Bitterness

Birch Bay Bitterness

I'm old and bitter and in need of not working all the time.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of bitter food and water to maintain this bitterly taken care of physique, so I have a job that pays for just enough of that (food and water).  I get just enough vacation to keep me from … Continue reading Birch Bay Bitterness

In case you missed the Bitterness….

You know how when you miss your favorite basketball game you can watch SportsCenter for 30 seconds to know exactly what happened in the three hour game?  Or when you weren't in Mexico with Jennifer Aniston(if you care about any actors at all) you can watch Entertainment Tonight for a 30 second highlight?  Well I am … Continue reading In case you missed the Bitterness….

Friday Work Pictures Bitterness

It's the beginning of another bitter day of work and I always like to start my day by saying, "Is it time to go home yet?" I mean really, the only thing I can't stand about my job is the 8 hours of work I have to do every day.  And the drive in, where I … Continue reading Friday Work Pictures Bitterness

Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

As a lifelong ignorer of news, I usually have no idea what is happening in Bosnia or Washington DC or even Seattle.  Sure I've heard of the occasional Disney princess (Miley Virus anyone?) going awry or the forecast of an actual sunny day in Seattle, but the news interferes with me playing video games or napping, which are way more … Continue reading Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

Dogs next door Review

I think by now most people know how bitter neighborhood kids make me.  They smell, they steal food ask for food all the time, and play video games all day long (that is my job, not theirs).  The worst part is that they have parents that ignore them much better than I do with mine.  … Continue reading Dogs next door Review

Bitter Photobombing, Learning and Tables

Doesn't it make you bitter when you are trying to take a picture of something and someone photobombs your perfectly terrible and blurry picture?  I was trying to take a picture of my toe and this T-shirt totally photobombed my picture.  It came out of nowhere, jumped in my photo, acted like a jerk, then left, … Continue reading Bitter Photobombing, Learning and Tables

Quote Bitterizing

You all have at least one of these pain in the bitter people as a Facebook friends.  It's not the boring pictures friend, or the promote their child's terrible talent recital friend, or the overshare about whatever "procedure" they are having that I don't want to know about friend, or the brag about their vacation to Hawaii … Continue reading Quote Bitterizing

Pillow: My Bitter Review

As a life long Lover of Laziness (or LOL) and Layer on Leather (also LOL) I have a few essentials when it comes to being a human slug.  Of course, the couch is pretty essential, but honestly most couches will do.  Also, when it comes to covers, sure a nice blanket helps, but not year … Continue reading Pillow: My Bitter Review

Lost and Found Bitterness

Gather around bitter people.  I want to tell you a myth, which is a greek word meaning "stories about stuff that didn't really happen but is supposed to teach us a lesson".  Myths teach us lessons about weakness (Achilles Heel), about not turning to stone by looking at a crazy lady with snakes for hair, and not flying too close to … Continue reading Lost and Found Bitterness

Bitter GIF/Pictures of the week (AKA The Lazy Post of The Week)

Why is it that when there is a fly in the house, I have to chase it like a crazed lunatic with a fly swatter, almost shatter windows, almost break every bone in my body avoiding obstacles, and scaring the children just so I can kill it and this Venus Flytrap lazily throws up a tenticle and gets to treat the fly like me on a Tuesday?  … Continue reading Bitter GIF/Pictures of the week (AKA The Lazy Post of The Week)

Bitter Insurance Commercials

Every day, as I am driving, I roll down my window, pull out my wallet and let the money fly right out.  Not literally, of course, are you crazy?(I only do that on special occasions.) Every six months I pay someone several hundred dollars to "give me piece of mind" for the off chance that I may accidently … Continue reading Bitter Insurance Commercials

Burt Wonderstone: A bitter Review

Burt Wonderstone is a movie starring Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, PA, who plays a magician.  His best friend and magic co-partner is played by Crazy Eyes of Mr. Deeds.  Ace Ventura, Pet Detective plays a guy like Criss Angel, but not nearly as annoying.  A love interest is played … Continue reading Burt Wonderstone: A bitter Review

Shoe Bitterness

A long time ago, after the popularity of my bitter post about socks, I had planned to do the sequel post about shoes.  However, my virtual garbage can was empty, with wadded up ideas strewn about, usually missing the virtual target pretty badly.  It's not like I am a bad shot, (I made my high school sophomore basketball … Continue reading Shoe Bitterness