“Like” bitterness

Like makes me so bitter.  When I was at the mall today, I decided after I walked by a gaggle of teenagers that the most used word in the English language ever is not "the" "it" or even "a" or "and".  As an authority on all things English, my decree is that the most used word is "like". Think … Continue reading “Like” bitterness

Sickness Bitterness

Sickness makes me so bitter.  Not the kind that I get from time to time when I still make it to work.  It is actually the kind that other people get that cause them not to come to work.  And by that I mean the sickness of laziness, or don't feel like it or have … Continue reading Sickness Bitterness

Special Edition Spurs Bitterness

As you may know, I am a Spurs fan and when they lose, I am a very bitter person.  Well last night after going on a 20 game winning streak, 10 from the regular season and 10 in the playoffs, there were looking almost unbeatable and rolling like a Mac Truck towards the finals.  In … Continue reading Special Edition Spurs Bitterness