Decorating with Bitter Friday Giftures

  My wife and I were in charge of the decorating for our church Christmas party this last week, which means my wife was in charge and I helped.  Let me tell you how hard it is to watch her wrap presents for a centerpiece, string up strands and more strands of stockings, wrap certain … Continue reading Decorating with Bitter Friday Giftures

Eggcellent Bitter Friday Giftures

  I've been on a bitter diet lately, because my doctor told me I had to. I don't know why doctors are always telling you such bitter news. You complain about one little thing (my knees, my back, my shoulder, can't sleep, tired all the time, can't make it up the stairs without breathing heavily, … Continue reading Eggcellent Bitter Friday Giftures

Store Discount

  Believe it or not, my wife is supportive of my blogging efforts, as long as it doesn't interfere with real work and family duties, which it has from time to time. In the beginning, I didn't even tell her I had a blog because I wasn't sure she would like me writing about bitter … Continue reading Store Discount

The Best Handheld Device

    When I grew up, we had these things called phones that were just a menace. They had long cords, big circular dials and were only used for actually calling people to talk, which quite frankly is the least good thing about phones. If you wanted to talk to someone that lived far away, … Continue reading The Best Handheld Device

Food Vs. Clothes Bitterness

The nice thing about having a bitter blog is that you always have something to write about. The bad thing about a bitter blog is that you always have something to write about. I could have choosen to write about a dozen things this morning because oh my gosh it is freaking Monday, after a … Continue reading Food Vs. Clothes Bitterness

Pizza Better for you than cereal

The radio. Often you are forced to listen to it in your car because you can't really do anything else. You're not allowed to text, or play video games, and reading books seems to be out of the question. It's kind of uncool that we aren't even allowed to sleep while we are driving. It … Continue reading Pizza Better for you than cereal


Yesterday, I was painting the eaves of my house, and it brought back memories of my youth when I was an aspiring Eagle Scout, doing my Eagle Scout project. For some crazy reason, my brother and I decided to work together on a three building painting project at our county fair. An old train station, … Continue reading Bitterecognition

The Bitter Beneral Elections

On March 8th, 2012, exactly 4 year ago, we elected Bitter Ben to become president of this Bitter Blog, because, well, no one else ran. But now that his four years are up, it is time for someone, anyone else to step up. We need to elect a new leader of this blog. Bitter Ben … Continue reading The Bitter Beneral Elections

My Bitter New Career

When I was in 7th grade, we did a career day where we had to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up. I decided that I wanted to be an advertising copywriter.  So I stuck with that dream and decided that anything that didn't have to do with writing copy was worthless … Continue reading My Bitter New Career

Our Bitter Weather Explained By Aliens

I don't know if you've noticed in the last few years or so, but the weather has been a little bitter.  You know what I'm saying.  The east coast has been buried in snow the last few years, the midwest has been underwater more than the mortgages in 2008, and even the South, who hasn't … Continue reading Our Bitter Weather Explained By Aliens

How to Have a Super Bitter Bowl

Hello from Seattle, where in a days time, the whole city will be rioting. Either because the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, or because they didn't.  Or they because the grass is too green in the downtown parks or because the mandatory 5th break per hour isn't being honored by the union, or because some … Continue reading How to Have a Super Bitter Bowl

Golden Corral Bitterness

Isn't it everyone's dream to have it all? The nice car, the nice house, and the nice family and even a picket fence? Not my dream either. In the arena of food, that is what the lure of an all you can eat, all different kinds of food, buffet style restaurant is all about.  We are suckers and we were … Continue reading Golden Corral Bitterness

Kid’s Birthday Party: A bitter review

Since I don't like to think or do much on the weekends(or any other day for that matter), I have decided to start a new feature on the weekends (that is Saturday or Sunday for people that don't know) dedicated to reviewing things that make me bitter.  It could be a movie I slept through, … Continue reading Kid’s Birthday Party: A bitter review

The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

I am okay with paying money for things that are such a great experience that I couldn't recreate them in my backyard or somewhere near home or do for free somewhere.  For instance, I'm pretty sure I couldn't build a rollercoaster in my backyard, or visit one for free somewhere.  So, I will pay for tickets to go to an … Continue reading The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

Bitter Picture/Cartoon of the Week

This lemon was just minding his business being all comfortable on the tree, trying to get ripe and all of a sudden someone picks on him(uh I mean picks him).  Do you blame this lemon for being a little bitter and sarcastic?  When life gives you lemons, try not to make them bitter.  Besides, everyone just wants … Continue reading Bitter Picture/Cartoon of the Week

Black Friday bitterness

    As I spoke previously about my bitterness about holidays and how we don't have enough, I have come to the realization that the reason why we don't have more holidays is because we don't appreciate the ones that we have.  Let's face it, how much do we really care about them?  I mean … Continue reading Black Friday bitterness

Halloween Bitterness

Halloween, the bitterest of holidays.  Halloween is according to many resources the one that we all spend the most money on.   Not sure what the appeal is, maybe wearing a costume makes you feel like another person for a day.  Maybe it is the fact that you can eat candy and be on a sugar high … Continue reading Halloween Bitterness

Bitter Bacon Ben

Hello. I'm Ben's Bitter Bacon and I'm taking over here.  Ben was too bitter to write anything this today.  What a chump.  I'm going to be the official Ben's Bitter Blog mascot.  Maybe not.  Maybe I will just take over.  He is bitter, but not as much as me.  Now that I have hacked in, there is no … Continue reading Bitter Bacon Ben

Foods that make you work bitterness – updated

  I posted this a week ago about how food that makes me work makes me bitter.  On Friday, I almost always get pizza as a reward to myself for being bitter consistenly.  My work decided to throw a wrench in that tradition of gluttony by throwing a special summer barbeque.  Nice huh?  Well, unfortunately,  the meal consisted of … Continue reading Foods that make you work bitterness – updated