Busting A Move Bitterness

When I was in high school and college, surprisingly, I was a little more athletic than I am now. I know most people are, but for me, it was quite extreme. Yesterday I went to the Rec center so I could accompany my family there, and I spent an hour and a half shooting free … Continue reading Busting A Move Bitterness

The Core Four

I am a man of simple means. If you were to raid our house or burn it down (because you were super bitter about something I did to you or said about you) you would have to be pretty ambitious to get to stuff that I own that actually matters to me. You'd have to … Continue reading The Core Four

Space bitterness

I am a pretty simple person.  I don't ask for much.  A million dollars in unmarked bills, an underground car storage facility and a media room with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound.  I just need the basics.  The problem is that there is one basic need I have that I'm not getting enough of.  Space.  No … Continue reading Space bitterness

Valentine’s Day Bitterness

I wasn't going to post anything today because I did something yesterday and two posts on consecutive days.  Aahh....too much.  But I couldn't let this day go by without professing my love...for Dwight's bitterness.  I can't hold it back anymore.  I want to shout it to the world.  I want everyone to know that he … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Bitterness

The Bitter Cold

I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty sure I have been outside in a temperature that was colder than you. I know that sounds really lame to some people who live in Arizona or California or Saudi Arabia. Why would you even care? And why would that ever be something to brag about? Well, … Continue reading The Bitter Cold

Seattle Seahawks bitterness

This bitter post goes out to all the Seattle Seahawks fans out there. Although I am not a Seahawks fan, I do follow them as a member of the Seattle area as I do listen to sports talk radio. Although I didn't watch the game, I did hear the ending on the radio and heard … Continue reading Seattle Seahawks bitterness

Bitterest Place on Earth – Universal Islands of Adventure Edition Part 4

Today is January 2nd, or as I like to call it, everyone returns from vacation to school and work day.  Everyone is all bitter because they don't want to return to work or school and they take it out on me.  They drive their cars on the road that I was so used to owning … Continue reading Bitterest Place on Earth – Universal Islands of Adventure Edition Part 4

I’m leaving Bitterness

I'm packing up my bitterness in a suitcase and flying off to someplace a little sunnier.  As my parting gift to both of my loyal followers, and coal for those that don't read all the time, or don't enjoy reading it, I am leaving you with one last blog before I do my next blog … Continue reading I’m leaving Bitterness

First ever authorized guest bitter poster! Bitter Bachelor!

      From loyal bitter blog follower Bitter Bachelor: "Do you remember when you had a best friend, and you use to do everything together?  You were both single and enjoying the single life? You did a number of single things together, like talk for hours, go to the movies, hangout out each others house … Continue reading First ever authorized guest bitter poster! Bitter Bachelor!

Bitter Picture of the Week

This chocolate seems a little like me.  In it's core, it is chocolate.  But all the other milk chocolate and sweet chocolate are busy being popular with people.  Nobody cares about the bitter chocolate sitting on the shelf being ignored. But they all have the potential to be like me if left on the shelf and ignored. … Continue reading Bitter Picture of the Week

“Welcome to my world” bitterness

The phrase "welcome to my world" makes me so bitter.  To be fair with the people that do say that, I complain A LOT.  I complain out loud and I grumble to myself.  If I'm not complaining on my blog, I'm complaining on Facebook or to my kids or to my co-workers.  I especially complain in … Continue reading “Welcome to my world” bitterness

The bitter environment

The environment makes me so bitter.  I understand this is not going to make me popular because the environment is such vital, protected thing.  Everyone loves the environment.  It can do no wrong.  The trees give us oxygen so we can breathe.  The ozone layer protects us from cancer and rabies and flesh eating viruses … Continue reading The bitter environment

Why reading my blog is such a good idea! bitterness

You know how the Joker says in the Dark Knight, that if you're good at something you never do it for free?  Since I am really good at annoying people, I have decided that I will charge people for NOT reading my blog.  Because I am very entertaining on the blog and am doing that … Continue reading Why reading my blog is such a good idea! bitterness

The bitter Batman

Batman makes me so bitter.  I've got a beef with Mr. Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight man.  Look Mr. Wayne, I get that you are bitter like me.  Your parents were shot right in front of you.  That would be pretty tragic.  But let's be honest.  You have a lot of things to not be bitter about.  He has  pretty … Continue reading The bitter Batman

Bitter Mice Continued

It has come to my attention that in my haste to post bitterness about mice, I have left quite a few out.  It is because of this mistake that in my bitterness I include some left out.  My apologies to Stuart Little who was left off the list.  It is because he is part of … Continue reading Bitter Mice Continued

Mouse bitterness

Mice or rats or whatever you want to call them make me so bitter.  They are squeaky and they run all over your house infecting things and chewing up valuable clothing that is worn once and then stored neatly in the back of your closet never to be worn again. Have they not realized that … Continue reading Mouse bitterness

Comedy bitterness

  This may sound like an oxymoron, but I am Bitter about comedy.  Maybe it's because I am an old man, or because I associate with a whole bunch of people that aren't funny.  And by not funny I mean that they don't think I'm funny.   I get that some people don't think I'm funny.  My wife gets a pass because she … Continue reading Comedy bitterness