Wi-fi Bitterness

Wireless internet makes me so bitter.  Computers have been around for a long time in some form.  In fact, the internet is probably one the greatest inventions to ever grace this earth.  I still remember the first website I entered and remember writing the site down from the https:// to the whole entire name, the dot com … Continue reading Wi-fi Bitterness

Bitter Hair

Hair makes me so bitter.  (Everyone has some right?)  So here is the deal.  Women crave having beautiful, long, flowing shiny hair.  Billions of dollars are spent each year(you know because I did some extensive research to figure that number) to produce products to make their hair shinier, thicker, richer, fuller, glitteryer, less split endinger, … Continue reading Bitter Hair

Foods that make you work bitterness – updated

  I posted this a week ago about how food that makes me work makes me bitter.  On Friday, I almost always get pizza as a reward to myself for being bitter consistenly.  My work decided to throw a wrench in that tradition of gluttony by throwing a special summer barbeque.  Nice huh?  Well, unfortunately,  the meal consisted of … Continue reading Foods that make you work bitterness – updated

Friday the 13th Bitterness

  Friday the 13th makes me so bitter!  First of all, why does it have to have to always occur on Friday?  I mean would Saturday be a better day for it?  And second if it is so special why don't we get the day off?  We should be able to stay home and hide … Continue reading Friday the 13th Bitterness

Food that makes me work bitterness

Food that makes me work makes me bitter. Food is necessary for survival right?  I assume if you are human and reading this blog you know that.  I know the cavemen needed to hunt for their food because apparently there were no grocery stores in Cave City.  (Couldn't they find it at the Cave Marketplace?) … Continue reading Food that makes me work bitterness

The bitter future

The future makes me so bitter.  I was recently emailed a picture of the time machine display from Back to the Future where it showed the date of the future as right now.  Thinking it odd that it was so soon, I checked it out and it was an internet hoax.  However, it is coming in a few short … Continue reading The bitter future

Doing things twice Bitterness

  Doing things twice makes me so bitter.  I make mistakes, lots of them.  In fact, I make them at least twice a day.  Which is why doing things twice make me so bitter.  Doing fun things twice is fine, I will concede that.  Shooting zombies, Locust, and generally bad guys in video games, leveling up and … Continue reading Doing things twice Bitterness