Got any games on your Phone Bitterness

My kids are always alerting me of the latest memes, as if I wasn't 100% in on all of them.  Honestly, I think my kids speak meme, because 90% of what comes out of their mouths refer to some meme or another. I try to be in the know so I can talk to them, … Continue reading Got any games on your Phone Bitterness

Friday Thankless Giving Pictures

Since it is Friday and November, it is time for people to start thinking about things that they are thankful for.  Other people that is.  If you know anything about me though, I'm not other people though am I?   So, I am going to talk about things I'm not thankful for. My computer... Un-fortune-ate … Continue reading Friday Thankless Giving Pictures

Lazy Friday Picture Bitterness

I know it has been a hard week for everyone, because blah, blah, blah it is always a hard week for everyone ever.  But especially for the readers of this blog who have had to endure so many words these past two posts.  So in order to show that I don't care at all, I have … Continue reading Lazy Friday Picture Bitterness

Bitter Contest Loser

Remember when I decided to do a Bitter contest where you could win something?  Last week or the week before or something?  Well I rang up the results of those who actually entered and I did some math and found through my horrible math skills that we are all losers of the contest.  Mostly … Continue reading Bitter Contest Loser