My Schizophrenic Week

Today is Monday March 30, 2015, which is significant for several reasons.  That means that today and tomorrow are still March.  When they(whoever "they" is) say March is mad, they really mean it. For the last 13 years, this has been our fiscal year end which means that everyone is wheeling and dealing and that … Continue reading My Schizophrenic Week

Throwing Bitterness to the Wind Friday Giftures

This week when we went on a walk around the neighborhood and it was a typical Seattle day.  50 degrees. cloudy and raining lightly.  I'm not a fan of weather all. If Global Warming were the Super Bowl and the most watched event ever, I would be like, I'm over here watching the reruns … Continue reading Throwing Bitterness to the Wind Friday Giftures

Restless Bitter Syndrome

  So you're going along, watching you favorite TV show, when all of a sudden, the subject changes.  Instead of it being a discussion between Jeff and Abed about the difference between pillow forts and blanket forts, some other weirdo starts talking about "a serious disease and how it can be cured, with only minimal … Continue reading Restless Bitter Syndrome

A Bitter Endorsement from my Famous Friends

I know that none of you are used to being woken up before noon on your day off from your jobs (unless you work on Saturday, in which you have an entirely different reason to be bitter) and your blogs.  Well, I'm not used to being woken this early either, thank you very not at … Continue reading A Bitter Endorsement from my Famous Friends

Bitterly Swinging for the Fences Friday Giftures

Yesterday, I was outside because some kid wanted to play baseball in the backyard.  Because I was a master of bitter hitting, where I would either hit it straight into someone else's glove or I would completely whiff in embarrassing fashion, he thought I might be able to teach him something.  Baseball there is not … Continue reading Bitterly Swinging for the Fences Friday Giftures

Credit Bitterness

  All day long at work, I am Santa Claus. Or, more accurately, Bitter Claus. I enter credits. I reign money down upon undeserving corporations like rain comes down on Seattle. I go down people's virtual chimneys and leave the present of credit in their email boxes.  Even though most of these corps are naughty, … Continue reading Credit Bitterness

Storage Unit Bitterness

There is the younger and shorter individual in my house that has a philosophy about junk that is broken.  You take all the hard earned money of someone else, preferably someone taller and older and you brow beat them into submission until they buy you a new one.  If I did happen to like trees … Continue reading Storage Unit Bitterness

Wasted Friday Giftures

  I see you none of you missed me on Wednesday.  No one sent a get well soon card, a stuffed crust pepperoni, or a thermometer.  Remember when I stayed up all night when your blog wasn't feeling well and your computer had some sort of virus and you wanted me to watch it?  Yeah, … Continue reading Wasted Friday Giftures

The Bitter Body Betrayal

There's a little day coming up in the not so distant future which often gets overlooked in the pantheon of days of March.  There a lot who would think that St. Patrick's Day is the only holiday worth celebrating in March despite that fact that no one actually get to take the day off.  If … Continue reading The Bitter Body Betrayal

Defiant Friday Giftures

Teens have a history of rebelling against society.  Hunger Games. Divergent.  100's of other dystopian novels that have become all the rage these days.  But last night I was watching a classic from the 80's that most of you weren't even born when it came out.  The Breakfast Club is a group of 5 random … Continue reading Defiant Friday Giftures

Bitter Business Bureau

It seems like everytime I turn around, some idiot is setting me up with a dentist appointment.  As you might have just surmised, I set a dentist appointment for today.  A lot of people I know would brush extra hard and floss just right today, but I don't.  First of all, is any amount of … Continue reading Bitter Business Bureau

Bitter Blogger of the Year

Hey bitter blog followers.  Remember way back in like, January when it was all snowy in the North and East and stuff and people were bitterly complaining about how much snow there was? Remember how bitter you were and you woke up that morning and saw a post of mine called "Help Me Become Number … Continue reading Bitter Blogger of the Year