Spurs NBA Champ Bitterness

  Since 1990, when I was in high school in South Dakota, I've been a fan of the San Antonio Spurs.  People thought it a little strange that someone from South Dakota would be a fan of a team that was not only really far away, but a team that wasn't even regionally relevant.  But I … Continue reading Spurs NBA Champ Bitterness

Thanksgiving Friday Pictures Bitterness

It's Black Friday, so that means I assume everyone is out getting pummeled by other people just so they can a TV that is worth a $1000 for $900.  The Waltons are probably at home enjoying the cameras outside their Walmart for Black Friday Fight Club.  Before we talk about Black Friday tragedies, let's just … Continue reading Thanksgiving Friday Pictures Bitterness

Bitter News with Pictures

Sarcasm is my second language.  The only reason it is second is because Bitterness is my native tongue.  I hope to someday learn English fluently.  When I get really ambitious I might learn Spanish bitterness, then possibly Spanish sarcasm.  Don't ever expect me to learn Spanish though. There is finally a way to express my heartfelt … Continue reading Bitter News with Pictures

Tent Bitterness

Welcome to Shelter 102 in The B.I.T.T.E.R. school of Bitterness, Bitterian students!  If you are here, you should have taken the pre-requisite, Shelter 101, Idiots that don't know anything about Shelter. I hope you all had a dreadfully bitter weekend .  Address any complaints to way overwhelmed TA.  If you did happen to have a good weekend, don't … Continue reading Tent Bitterness

100th blog post bitterness

It all started out with a dream.  It was a bitter dream, but nonetheless a good bitter dream.  I wanted to show that everywhere you look, everywhere you are, everyone you know, there is something bitter to be about.  I know I have just scratched the surface of the bitterness in this world, but I … Continue reading 100th blog post bitterness

Bitterest Place on Earth – Universal Studios – Part 6 The end

The last of an epic 6 part Universal/Disney Bitterness Series.  As long as this is to read, you will want to stick around until the the very end. Remember when you were young and, after toiling for 9 long months in the slammer (school) you were able to experience the first day of summer?  You … Continue reading Bitterest Place on Earth – Universal Studios – Part 6 The end

The bitterest place on earth – The Magic Kingdom Edition – Part 1

Homer had his Odessy, Neo had his Matrix, Marty McFly had his Back to the Future adventure, I have had had my Disney excursion.  Each of them learned something.  I don't know what Homer learned because that was a long time ago and I forgot.  Neo learned that the only way to change the Matrix … Continue reading The bitterest place on earth – The Magic Kingdom Edition – Part 1

Stair bitterness

When I was a child, at some point, I learned how to walk.  I don't remember when I first did because I was like a little to young.  I should have though, because I normally remembered the momentous occasions in my life.  Like graduating from 3rd grade or getting stood up on my first date, or falling on my face in … Continue reading Stair bitterness

Advertising bitterness (Bittertising!)

I watch a lot of television because it is a diversion.  It distracts me from being productive and efficient and worthwhile.  Anything that can distract me from doing something is a good thing.  I want to thank Filo T. Farnsworth and others who helped pioneer television and of course all the networks for paying for all … Continue reading Advertising bitterness (Bittertising!)

Bitter football heading of the week

Don't Crack Now A slumping QB and bitter loss beg the question: Are the once-hot Giants in trouble? Dan Graziano »O'Connor: Eli must rebound »Clayton: Separation Sunday »Luck vs. Tannehill »Week 9 »   The answer to that question is I don't care.  I could care less about the Giants or the Steelers.  What I do … Continue reading Bitter football heading of the week

End of the taped program bitterness

You know what makes me so bitter?  I set up a recording on my DVR for a program and then watch it, because you know that is why I recorded it.  So I watch the program until the end and it cuts off like 3 seconds before the program ends.  This makes me so bitter.  … Continue reading End of the taped program bitterness

Monday Night football referee bitterness

As some of you might have seen, there was a football game last night.  Sometimes they decide to break from the normal of playing on Sundays and play a game on Mondays.  Why?  Who knows.  Football is such a rigid and rules based league.  Every little thing you do wrong is penalized.  So anyways, the … Continue reading Monday Night football referee bitterness