Worst Movie’s Ever Bitterness


Dislike may be a weak word for these movies….

There is nothing more bitter in one’s life than seeing an awesome trailer for a movie.  Not bitter because of the trailer, but because the movie itself is so much worse than the awesome trailer made it seem.  I guess there is another thing that is more bitter(bitterer?) than that.  When you are with a group of people deciding to see a movie and you are forced against your will to go to a terrible movie and you can’t walk out because someone there is your ride.  Anyways, for some reason or another, we all see bad movies.  Sonya(from the blog Duck soup) and I decided that we would list our least favorite movies and give a reason why.  She posted it on her sight and I am linking it.  So go there and read and discuss what movies have made you the most bitter.


Have a bitter time!

And by the way, as long as you are disliking things, check out my Ben’s Bitter Blog Facebook page. Go there and dislike it too.


Bitter Ben


35 thoughts on “Worst Movie’s Ever Bitterness

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  2. All the awards go to you for “The Watch”. God I hated that movie, I wanted to leave the theater. At least I didn’t pay for it.

    Also, 27 dresses. Ugh. Enough said.

    Fantastic collaboration you two! Thank you for the warning, I’ll stay far away from the aforementioned disgraces to the film industry.

    Also, a boss who is Satan? I need to go yawn now. -_-


  3. Nothing makes me sadder than when I see some amazing awesome holy crap is that really going to make it to my eyeballs kind of trailer only to realize how absolutely terrible the move is.

    I’m looking at YOU Matrix 2 and 3.


  4. Hi there,

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    Keep up the awesome work, I hope to continue reading your blog for a long time.


  5. I hate movie previews. I generally just rely on reading about it to determine whether I want to see it or not. I find text usually cuts through the BS and special effects.


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