Flying Under the Radar Bitter Friday Giftures

I’ve never done skydiving or had wings. I’m not a bird or a pterodactyl.  I’m not a jet pilot and I don’t have a pilot’s license. In other words, I don’t know how to fly. I have taken some airline flights before, but I’ve never been to space.

I do however, fly under radars. I am a skilled blender, a shadow in a crowd. If it is the night, I wear dark colors. If I am the Dark Knight, I take out criminals without them seeing, if I was a jet, I would be the Stealth Bomber, and if I am at work, I find a way to get out of assignments. I am basically the Anti-Kardashian, because the spotlight is way to bright, and I have no intention of seeking it. Lights are too bright.

So let’s just fly under the radar with some Bitter Friday Giftures…

Don’t you think…

flight GIF

…flight has done to the dogs?

Do you think…

helicopter crashes GIF

…helicopters were invented to crash?

Why don’t flights…

year plane GIF

…feel like this?

Ready to…

flight flying GIF by Cheezburger

…take off?

This guy…

futuristic fly GIF

…isn’t very good at flying under the radar. 

How far off…

dog day lol GIF by Justin Gammon

…does this seem?

Some NBA guys…

slam dunk GIF by NBA

…don’t seem to like to fly under the radar.

Speaking of which…

space floating GIF by Tomas Brunsdon

…this guy would have done really well in the dunk contest.

This cat can fly…

space cat GIF

…but only on burritos.

This guy is a little bit…

Art Design GIF by dualvoidanima

…of a planet hopper.

Look at this guy…

space dancing GIF

…defying all gravity.

I don’t know, it…

Sci Fi Laughing GIF by Hallmark eCards

…seems a little unicorny.

Well, if you are anything like me, just do your best to keep it under the radar. Because no one needs to be sticking out like a nail, so you can get hammered, amiright?


Bitter Flying under the Radar Ben


8 thoughts on “Flying Under the Radar Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. This reminds me of a time in my corporate life. There was a difficult situation that I made a conscious effort to distance myself from. I don’t remember the details, but I remember my boss being annoyed that my name never came up in the discussions. I was thrilled that I succeeded in making myself invisible. I think she was mad because she was looking for a scapegoat. Dodged that bullet.


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