“One more episode”

As you might know, I love people that can draw. I envy them for their skills and am bitter that I don’t have them. Also, I love binging on the Netflix especially, what my kids call the Silly Office. And I can’t believe that Netflix has the nerve to ask me in their little pop up if I’m still watching the Office. Of course I am, and don’t stop until the series is finished. Enjoy this post from The Halfhazard Wanderer.

the halfhazard wanderer

one more episode 1one more episode 2one more episode 3one more episode 4

Stop lying to yourself – one does not simply watch only “one more episode.” It’s a horrifying, addictive, binge cycle of one episode after another.

And when you finish the series, you move on to the next!

(*cough* Stranger Things *cough*)

So yes, I’ve been spending the majority of my life – and probably the remainder of it as well – sitting in bed with my nice full-battery laptop, clicking on that “next episode” button repeatedly while my conscience screams “IT’S UNHEALTHY!” Anybody else really addicted to a show right now?


(P.S. Yep, I’m back with another comic. I made an Instagram account recently and I’m trying to post one doodle a day. Another thing I’m addicted to!)

(P.P.S. It’s @kanakatblog hehe)

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Demi Lovato: Why her story is important

This blog of mine is normally a funny, sarcastic, bitter take on the world and most of you expect that. Today, however, I’m going to reblog a serious post. Rebecca wrote about a documentary she watched on Demi Lovato, who is a singer I really like. I thought this was a well written post about mental illness and some of its stigmas. Mentally illness doesn’t doesn’t care if we are rich or poor, young or old, white or black, male or female. And many people suffer silently because mental illness symptoms don’t show like physical illnesses. I hope you will at least read Rebecca’s post and possibly watch the documentary like I’m going to. And don’t forget about people you might know who suffer from mental illness.


Photo credit: YouTube.com

Pop singer Demi Lovato’s documentary Simply Complicatedwas released on YouTube on October 17th. While she’s been open about her drug and alcohol addictions and eating disorder in the past, this doc provides a more detailed timeline of Demi’s journey from addiction to recovery to relapse and back to recovery once more.

Photo credit: Directlyrics.com

This documentary is unapologetic, raw, and in-your-face. It has some eerie similarities to director Asif Kapadia’s brilliant 2015 Best Documentary Feature, Amy, which documents the life and tragic death of British singer Amy Winehouse.

Ironically, in Simply Complicated, Demi references Winehouse as someone she idolized growing up. In a journey back to Demi’s house, she shows a poster she’d made as a child that she kept in her closet, plastered with photos of celebrities she wanted to look like. There, among the models and skinny celebrities, was Winehouse, most likely…

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Bitter Noise Pollution

  I have two brothers and when we were growing up, we caused my parents a few headaches. Whether it was climbing on the roof of our house, jumping off the staircases to the level below, or throwing pencils at each others legs and making them stick (ask my brother about the graphite poisoning I … Continue reading Bitter Noise Pollution

Birthday Suit

As you saw last week, I am bitterly jealous of people that can draw/do art things. When I came upon this blog a year ago or so, I knew I had to follow. She always does funny drawings and stories to go along with what they do in their lives. I always get a kick out of them. Not it is your turn to follow and enjoy. Make sure them give them some love and follow, comment, like.

we are rice and beans

Apparently this has happened on more than one occasion. Poor Angel…

WARB 115

And speaking of birthdays…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGEL!!!


You are truly a superhero in our eyes. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, friend, and life partner to me, and for being an exceptional, involved, and ever-present father to our beautiful daughter. May this year be even better than the last!!!

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Bitter Laugh Tracks

When my kids were young they liked to watch Disney shows. While Disney is really good at making future stars out of these young actors and actresses, they are really bad at making them funny. At least at that age. The shows are terrible. And they certainly aren't funny unless you are a kid who … Continue reading Bitter Laugh Tracks