Cartoonish Behavior Bitter Friday Giftures

Last week I talked about when I was a kid and how people were always trying to get me to go play more sports. I guess sports were supposed to teach me about getting in shape, working with a bunch of other people and following rules or something. As you can see, all those things that I was supposed to learn, never really stuck with me.

I’m in terrible shape, I don’t like working with teams of people and following rules are not my cup of tea. What I should have been doing instead of sports was watching more cartoons. I did my best, but people were always trying to get in my way. My parents were telling me to do homework and stuff and my friends were always trying to get me to go outside. But I was seriously learning more from cartoons than I ever learned from sports.

You know, like how videos and capturing attention are the biggest currency in businesses today. How having a good imagination can help you in marketing. How good copy and snappy writing can help attract people to your business. And how people love getting things explained to them visually instead of being told how to do things.

And as we’ve learned in this pandemic, sports have almost become a liability and an afterthought, while TV, movies and CARTOON viewing have been at an all-time high. And tell me that you haven’t had a ZOOM call that hasn’t had some sort of cartoonish character or behavior that you’ve had to deal with. Watching more cartoons would have been way more useful to me growing up than sports ever taught me.

On to the more important calling of today. That of Bitter Friday Giftures…

If only I would have paid attention to this simply cartoon image…

the jetsons money GIF
…I would have understood how marriage worked.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Working Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GIF
…taught me what I would be doing for most of my career.

Beavis and Butthead taught me…

Beavis And Butthead 90S GIF
…all about haircare and video watching…

I learned from Space Jam…

excited michael jordan GIF
…that sports shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

I learned how love feels from…

valentines day love GIF
…Bugs Bunny.

I learned how big of jerks…

tom and jerry GIF
…mice are from Tom and Jerry.

I learned from cartoons…

Looney Tunes Animation GIF by HBO Max
…that I needed to either get a snowblower or an HOA.

I learned that…

south park GIF
…I’m just big boned.

I learned that I should get…

90s nerd GIF by chuber channel
…a library card.

I learned that you can solve any crime..

ponder inspector gadget GIF
…if you have hat full of gadgets, and a smart niece.

I learned how to…

enough GIF

And how I am supposed to…

hungry regular show GIF

So as you can see, there were many ways that cartoons prepared me later for life. Unlike sports, that just gave me sore ankles, bad knees, bad back and no real way of coping with life.

Now it’s your turn. What lessons or skills have cartoons taught you?


Bitter Cartoonish Behavior Ben


12 thoughts on “Cartoonish Behavior Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. It seems to me there was always a lot of violence in cartoons. But you could say that about sports as well. I don’t watch cartoons any more. I wonder if they are still as violent. Sports, of course, are socially acceptable violence.


  2. I learned that all the colors in the world came from Rainbow Bright’s bag of sprinkles, that I can survive even if an anvil drops on my head, and that if I belong to a gang with tattoos on our bellies, then we can fight evil just by staring at it.

    I’m also starting to suspect that some of these things may not actually be true. 🤔


  3. I think the first cartoon is from the JETSON’s – weird that I know that. Hahahaha. Tom and Jerry was my favorite. I don’t know how much “learning” was going on, but I did enjoy it. Most old cartoons, wouldn’t be successful today – a lot of stereo typing & discrimination. Come swing by my blog and say HI –


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