If you are Bitter and Lazy like me you missed it….

A recap of the bitter week behind us...(cause why look forward to things when we can look behind us). Posts earlier this week:  Because it turned to fall I decided to review the Bitter Summer. On Wednesday I decide to look back at a Bitter Time in my life.  College...and why it gave me the … Continue reading If you are Bitter and Lazy like me you missed it….

Random Friday Picture Bitterness

  Who is bitter that they are at work right now?  That's right, this guy(me, Bitter Ben). In order to ease the pain for no one, I continue to post every Friday, pictures stolen from other people for your antimusement.  So don't enjoy.  Just remember.  I SEE BITTER PEOPLE. In America, it isn't always forbidden.  We have criminals roaming Hollywood … Continue reading Random Friday Picture Bitterness

From the BitterBenzoac Era to the Bitter Twitter Era

I have lived in 40 different years, 5 different decades, two different centuries and 2 separate millenniums.  Guess what though, who cares?  It's not the years of bitter experience that allows me to be the unique voice of bitterness to youth of today, and the "more experienced" generations.  I am the bitter bridge that spans the … Continue reading From the BitterBenzoac Era to the Bitter Twitter Era

Bitter Review of the Summer

Contrary to popular belief the summer didn't end when the kids went back to school.  Nor did it end when the weather started being rainy, cloudy and coldy.  Or when all the over budgeted, under storied movies started leaving the multiplexes.  Summer's bitter reign of terror ended when the clock struck midnight and her slipper … Continue reading Bitter Review of the Summer

In case you missed being bitter all week…

I know most of the people out there had happy weeks and nothing bad happened on either the world or in their personal lives. For those of you that did have perfect weeks and have nothing to complain about, this post is for you to read so you can find something, anything to be bitter … Continue reading In case you missed being bitter all week…

Friday Pictures Bitterness

It's Friday again, which means I stop working at noon.  But I need to get a head start, so I've actually stop working already.  How else am I going to squeeze in an 8 hour nap or two?  I'm actually pretty bitter that they made me show up at work at all.  Really what I … Continue reading Friday Pictures Bitterness

The Bitter Failure of Sports

One day when I was at home and I got a phone call.  I was surprised because I never get phone calls at home, or anywhere else for that matter.  I picked up the phone using my most bitter voice, since I was so rudely being interupted from doing nothing. "Hi, this is Chris* from Sports Illustrated … Continue reading The Bitter Failure of Sports

Bitter 5K

One time I had a dream (not an aspiration in life, but the sleeping kind) in which I was being chased by zombies or a generic federal agent (I don't remember.  My dreams are so lame, bitter and unremarkable, that I wonder why I bother sleeping at all.).  The agent or zombie kept trying to … Continue reading Bitter 5K

In case you missed the Bitterness…

Some Friday Bloopers and Work Advice.... The Inaugural Hall of Bitterness inductees were dishonored in my 200th post.... The US News and World Report Bitterness Best US College was debunked.... Some tweets... https://twitter.com/Benadman/status/378235854252044288 https://twitter.com/Benadman/status/377866206310461440 https://twitter.com/Benadman/status/377865709629366272 Bitterest comments of the week... If I knew when to quit, I would have died 40 years ago. - Floridaborne … Continue reading In case you missed the Bitterness…

Friday Bloopers and Work Advice Bitterness

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YMNslVwrqM This week has felt really heavy, with 9/11 occuring and me staring off into the abyss at work yesterday.  It gets a little tiring being bitter about work and tragedy, so I think I will move on to bigger and bitter stuff.  It's Freakin Friday(the 13th) so I think I will be bitter about lighter things like … Continue reading Friday Bloopers and Work Advice Bitterness

U.S. News and World Report Top US Colleges Bitterness

I was reading the Internet yesterday (I will review this interesting novel when I finish it, I.E. never) and I got to the part where they were reviewing Colleges in the US News and World Report.  According to the article there was a huge upset of Harvard by a small private college named Princeton. Seems Harvard … Continue reading U.S. News and World Report Top US Colleges Bitterness

Hall of Bitterness

Because it is my 200th post, I've decided that it is about time that I start my own Hall of Bitterness.  Besides, it is that time of year again (by again I mean the first time), where we dishonor the most Bitter People on the Planet  that I call the United Countries of Bitterness(UCB) because earth is too … Continue reading Hall of Bitterness

Friday Friday Friday Picture Bitterness

As we come to the end of yet another first week of school, I think about the fact that this is my son's first full half week of half days of "real school" known as kindergarten.  Every week this will make me more bitter because he already closing the gap on how much smarter I am … Continue reading Friday Friday Friday Picture Bitterness

Rescue show Bitterness

I've got an issue with something.  I know right?  There's a first for everything.  Just pay attention because this is really important to me and no one else.  I watch a lot of things on television, mostly from my peripheral because I'm almost always on my laptop reading what smart people have to say (bloggers) … Continue reading Rescue show Bitterness

First Day of School Bitterness

There are two things I have learned about The Simpsons over my years of watching the Simpsons.  First, when I started watching the show, I always thought that Bart was the star.  He had all the catchphrases, like "Eat my shorts!" and "Don't have a cow!" and "Cowabunga!" that made him seem like the main character.  But after … Continue reading First Day of School Bitterness