Bitter Rivalry of The Week – Burger King vs. McDonald’s

Yeah, it's Mondayyyyy! My favorite day of the week except every other day except Tuesdayyyy.  Moving on from that sarcasm, I was walking to the library the other day(not to read, but because they have free internet there), and a lightbulb hit me over the head.  Not an idea, but an actual lightbulb.  It kind … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of The Week – Burger King vs. McDonald’s

Bitter News From the Couch Vol. 2 There's nothing better than waking up early on a Sunday, sun is shining, birds are chirping, a cool breeze coming in through the window and you feel in your bones it is going to be a great day, and then you turn on the TV and the news comes on.  Oh, yeah, I forgot, … Continue reading Bitter News From the Couch Vol. 2

Clawing your way to the Middle Friday Giftures

Remember when you were a kid and you played baseball or soccer or gymnastics and you didn't get first, second or third so they gave you a participation badge? Remember those summers when you just wanted to stay inside all the time and just watch TV?  Remember those times when you were in a group … Continue reading Clawing your way to the Middle Friday Giftures

Surviving Work Disasters Bitterness

There have been a lot of big disasters lately.  Floods in Colorado, a government that is so lazy that they are making excuses about why they can't "come in to work today" (something about their healthcare, IE faking sick again) and the ending of Breaking Bad(I heard it was a show about chemistry.  Uh, wow that … Continue reading Surviving Work Disasters Bitterness

Dear Dairy,

Dear Dairy, I know you are all about choices, but let's  just stop pretending that Skim and 1% should even exist. (At 1% you might as well drinking watered down water.) Let's just start with 3 and 4%, then go to whole.  Or we could skip all those and start with Half and Half (doesn't … Continue reading Dear Dairy,

Bitter News from the Couch Vol. 1

  The nature of the news business is fast, quick, breaking and then stuck in the scrap heap.  You might be at the top of the news at 6 am, but by the 7 am news, nooobody really cares about you, or remembers who you are.  This might be why I just don't care about … Continue reading Bitter News from the Couch Vol. 1

Bitter Payback Friday Giftures

  It's national get back that jerk at work day.  I'm not sure if that is true, but we are celebrating that on a local level and by local level, I mean on my level.  And by jerk at work, I mean whatever jerk you want to find to get back at.  If nothing else, … Continue reading Bitter Payback Friday Giftures

Bitter Corrections

Corrections are so annoying.  Some people like them, so they can improve themselves and make themselves better, but I never have.  First of all, why would you want to be and improve and be better when you can get angry and bitter? Second, the people doing the correcting always seem to think that they are … Continue reading Bitter Corrections

Bitter Brick Wall

In order to build a wall you need hard work, determination, drive and I think materials.  I don't have any of those things.  When you are bitter like me, you will sometimes attract people that are happy that want to try to change you. Usually people like that do a lot of talking.  I know lots … Continue reading Bitter Brick Wall

Bitterly Scarred Part 1

"You wanna know how I got these scars?" The Joker famously spouted this line several times in The Dark Knight.  None of the people he was telling really wanted to know, but didn't really have a choice because he was going to tell them anyways.  Well, I guess I'm the Joker to you right now. … Continue reading Bitterly Scarred Part 1

Bitter Scavenger Hunt Giftures

Raise of hands here.  Who could have been about 15 times more efficient at work with one or two pieces of vital information that was either not given freely or hidden from you by an annoying co-worker? Yep, that is me raising my arm bitterly and furiously like Hermoine in a Defense against the Dark … Continue reading Bitter Scavenger Hunt Giftures

Bitter Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

I have always been an entrepreneurial type of person, meaning I have all kinds of ideas that would make me rich, if I were living in a fantasy world and smart people with lots of money were blindly funding me money and other smart people were at no cost building my ideas.  So obviously the … Continue reading Bitter Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Bitter Leftovers – Things you should probably say no to

Your aunt's leftover pea soup. Encyclopedia salespeople. A space shuttle flight to beautiful sunshiny sun. A Periscope of your friends surgery. Wanna try new garbage scented Mouthwash Indoor fireworks. Casual high speed chase on Thursday at 5 pm on the 405. Pumpkin Fight. To being Elon Musk's insurance agent. Wanna be a cat scratching post? … Continue reading Bitter Leftovers – Things you should probably say no to

Hiding Friday Giftures

Considering all the bitterness that happened this week, there are all kinds of reasons you needed to stay home and not be here at work.  You know what I'm talking about.  You embarrassed the boss by doing that thing, you did that report on Word instead of Excel, and you spilled water all over your … Continue reading Hiding Friday Giftures

Bitter Fluorescent Fights

There have been lots of scourges in this world.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, Godzilla, earthquakes, Justin Beiber, trillion dollars debts, Donald Trump, Donald Trump's hair and even the summer holiday drought.  But there is a secret scourge that hides in the shadows.  One that haunts us everyday at work, in public buildings, in old dusty outhouses, in … Continue reading Bitter Fluorescent Fights

Controversy Bitterness

I know this is a controversial subject, but when have I ever shied away from controversial subjects? All the time, you say? Well, yeah I guess you are correct.  It bothers me when people are so proud of their accomplishments that they do in the early morning without a little coffee.  Just today, I overheard … Continue reading Controversy Bitterness

Gates must be so bitter

The Tom Brady thing about deflated balls just won't go away. This thing happened so long ago, I was like in my early to late 41's when it came out.  Here it is in August 2015 and it is still in the news.  So much so, that it has received the prestigious seal of approval … Continue reading Gates must be so bitter