Burt Wonderstone: A bitter Review

Michael Scott didn't play a very good Magician.

Michael Scott didn’t play a very good Magician.

Burt Wonderstone is a movie starring Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, PA, who plays a magician.  His best friend and magic co-partner is played by Crazy Eyes of Mr. Deeds.  Ace Ventura, Pet Detective plays a guy like Criss Angel, but not nearly as annoying.  A love interest is played by Quorra of Tron Legacy.  She looks a lot less alien and blue in this one.

The plot: Young, bullied, ignored kid get magician set from his mom and inspires him to become an arrogant, burned out and completely oblivious adult magician.  However, his dream is shattered by his best friend trying to sabotage his act and by causing it to change. Then there is Ace Ventura, who completely annoys him and steals his thunder and a few of his paying customers by doing street magic that is weird and totally different.


Not one inappropriate remark about Pam or mixed metaphor.  Come on Micheal Scott, you can do a bitter job than this.

The acting: Michael Scott, was way off from his regular acting.  He didn’t talk into the camera, he never told Dwight he was Assistant to the Regional Manager or hit on Pam inappropriately.  Ace Ventura did a terrible job having his signature curled up like bird looking hair and instead had long rock looking hair.  He also never solved a pet crime the whole movie.  How am I supposed believe in him now?

Where is the signature bird hair, Ace?

Where is the signature bird hair, Ace?

Love interest: Quorra plays a back stage assistant, to magician’s assistant, to a person repelled by Burt Wonderstone, then attracted to him, then in love with him, all in a span of like 2 weeks.  I totally bought that a beautiful, wonderful person would fall for an older, self involved, washed up magician in just two weeks.

Hair. Lots of it.  Perhaps there is a magic trick where you can make the hair shorter?

Hair. Lots of it. Perhaps there is a magic trick where you can make the hair shorter?

Hair:  Too much of it.  Quorra had the least amount of it and she was a girl.  She also had the least amount of make up.

Bitter conclusion:  There was too much growth for this character.  I expect more out of a regional manager of a paper company.  He should be deplorable, weak and always non evolving.  I think that if we would have seen this guy continue to do his same act that he had been doing for 10 years, maintain his wealth and let the bitterness between his friend and him stew below the surface, it would have been so much of a bitter movie.

I give this 2.3658 bitter rhubarbs out 32.  So pretty bitter.


Bitter Magic Ben







41 thoughts on “Burt Wonderstone: A bitter Review

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  3. I’ve been wanting to see this movie and you haven’t helped dissuade me. I just hope it doesn’t make me as bitter as it made you.
    Or as bitter as “30 Minute or Less” made me. There’s not enough bitter rhubarb to judge that piece of crap.


  4. Awwww don’t say that lol I loved that money. I loved the scene at the restaurant where Buschemi and Carrel made up. I thought it was a light hearted look at the naff over the top dramatics of Vegas magicians who’s egos are as big as their shoulder pads. And Jim Carey was hilariously bonkers.


  5. Watched this last night. Agree on all counts, although I will admit I laughed once or twice. Michael was definitely off his game and I didn’t care for Ace’s hair at all. Oh well. Bitter luck next time.


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