Gimme a Break Bitterness Everyone needs a break sometimes.  Usually on Tuesdays, which is the worst day of the week by far, (don't believe me? Check this post.) my kids and I usually go swimming.  It gives me a chance to rest my deteriorating back, ignore people talking to me(just a quick dive underwater) and allows me to … Continue reading Gimme a Break Bitterness

The Bitter Worldwide Shortage

Hey everyone.  Gather around.  Pull up your computers, grab some soda, a pizza and some napkins, because we need to have a conference.  This nation, neh even this very world is on the verge of a worldwide crisis.  Seeing as how Earth day just happened and, whoops I forgot to preserve a tree, I thought … Continue reading The Bitter Worldwide Shortage

Hot Mess Friday Giftures

It's been a Beastie Boy kind of week.  I've been sabotaged all the way up one side and down the other.  My car dashboard kept lighting up on my way to work and of course I did what you always do when you get a light.  I ignored it.  On Thursday, I finally asked someone … Continue reading Hot Mess Friday Giftures

The Bitter Trolls living under the internet come up to the Surface

  I am a huge fan of Community. Not the people in my community, or going to community events or community gatherings.  That requires people skills and being a grown up, both skills which I choose not to have.  I'm talking about the former NBC show that was so highly rated that it became a … Continue reading The Bitter Trolls living under the internet come up to the Surface

The bitterest evil yet – the onion

On Friday, I went out to Jimmy John's to 1) Get a submarine sandwich, 2) To see if they were as fast in real life as they were in the commercials and C) to not have an onion in my sandwich.  My long time friends and family know that I so much can't stand onions … Continue reading The bitterest evil yet – the onion

The Unfortune 500

A long time ago, in a blog post galaxy not so far away, these posts had a dream.  When they were just tiny little blog posts laying in their preview post cribs, looking up at their much older posted parents, they looked at their mobile filled with big words like superstar, Great Post! and This … Continue reading The Unfortune 500

Let’s Blow this Pop Stand

Let's make like a tree and get out of here.  Speaking of trees and getting out of here, did you know I'm neighbors with this guy named Biff Tannen? He was telling me about the McFly family and how they have some weird old Deloreon car from the 80's, that has a blender that always … Continue reading Let’s Blow this Pop Stand

A Bitter A noun cement for Bacon

A little while ago, a Super group similar to the Avengers or the Justice League formed, called the Funny Blog Friday group, with the purpose of making Friday Funny.  I was asked to join that group, because all groups need a bitter member. Every Justice League needs their Aquaman(you know the one whose superpower is … Continue reading A Bitter A noun cement for Bacon

My Bitter Rivalry with Minnie Mouse

Ever since I was a little child, I've always had a deep down bitterness for all things Disney.  Fact: The main character of the Disney empire is a mouse. You know, those verminous creatures that eat all your food, poop all over your pantry, and spread all kinds of disease like the black plague?  When … Continue reading My Bitter Rivalry with Minnie Mouse

Being a Child Prodigy at Driving is a Bitter Curse

  I don't mean to brag (yeah I do) but, I am an awesome driver.  Not Nascar/stunt driver type, but the kind that is able to navigate traffic like a freaking boss.  (Just so you know, bosses like to yell at their inferiors.) I'm such a good driver, in fact that I can do multiple … Continue reading Being a Child Prodigy at Driving is a Bitter Curse

I’m not going to post anything today

I know I usually post every Friday with some of your favorite giftures stolen from the web, but yesterday was a whirlwind of insanity called my birthday, and it was a lot more interaction than I'm used to.  Every year, for one day, I become the most popular kid in school for a day, just … Continue reading I’m not going to post anything today

42 things I’m Bitter About

  Yesterday as I was leaving work, I was absentmindedly strolling to my car, unaware that I was parked right by my co-worker A.  I totally forgot why this was a bad thing, until as I went to open the car door, a little too recklessly, I remembered that she has a dog that she … Continue reading 42 things I’m Bitter About

A Bitter Conversation with my Stomach

Just the other day I was taking the morning off from cramming stuff into my piehole, when I heard my stomach rumble.  It was quiet at first, but then it started getting louder.  I ignored it.  Five minutes later, it was scaring the neighbors, but I didn't care.  I was ignoring it like I was … Continue reading A Bitter Conversation with my Stomach

Lifetime Network Bitterness

  We have a tradition on Sundays.  Most every Sunday we get home from Church at about 2 pm, we change quickly into our sweats/jammies, quickly eat everything in the house, and then settle into our spots in our family room(or the TV room).  There are 4 chairs and a couch in our living room. … Continue reading Lifetime Network Bitterness

A Big Flop Friday Giftures

For those of you that didn't figure out that my post on Wednesday, April 1st, April Fool's Day, and actually started following my gardening blog, thanks a whole lot.  You just made that gardening blog more popular in ONE day, than this bitter blog was in 6 months.  That's right.  It took the Bitter Blog … Continue reading A Big Flop Friday Giftures