Uniting the Clans Bitterness

It's pretty funny to me that companies actually have different departments the each have their own bosses. For instance, the company that I work for has a graphic design department, and an accounting department, and a marketing department. Some people might mistake being in a department as a team of people that work together. What … Continue reading Uniting the Clans Bitterness

Hollywood Destruction Bitterness

As the creator of insanely awesome bitter content that YOU get the privilege of reading/experiencing/bitterly laughing your head off to twice weekly, I understand the value of creating. I take my humor and bitterness very seriously, because you deserve to have the most creative bitter blogging possible. Most people live their whole lives in peaceful … Continue reading Hollywood Destruction Bitterness

Energy Crisis Bitter Friday Giftures

I bet when you woke up this morning, you had no idea that a bitter blogger could solve all your problems. And yet, here we are. By the end of this post, you will not only have the energy crisis solved, but almost all your problems. I don't know if I will help you solve … Continue reading Energy Crisis Bitter Friday Giftures

Noise Cancelling Bitterness

It seems like just yesterday that I celebrated my daughter's 18th birthday. Probably because it was yesterday. It also seems like she was just born. I remember her being born 18 years ago too. She was annoying the heck out of my wife, pushing on her bladder for 3 or 4 weeks at the time, … Continue reading Noise Cancelling Bitterness

Helicopter Parent Bitter Friday Giftures

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Thank goodness we can agree on that, because it was starting to look like we couldn't agree on anything. Some people thought it would be world peace or that shark bites are awesome, … Continue reading Helicopter Parent Bitter Friday Giftures

Separation of Person and Ality

I wouldn't say I'm not a fan of Stranger Things, I would just say that I haven't watched it yet. From what I've been told people love it because there is just a lack of great romantic comedies out there, so Stranger Things just fills that void. Normally I would say that Hallmark has the … Continue reading Separation of Person and Ality

They’re just not trying anymore…

In case you haven't been hanging on every one of my blog words (if you haven't, shame on you), I recently took a trip to Scotland. I've talked a lot about Scotland lately and you're going to hear about it whether you like it or not. Although today's post isn't even about Scotland. It's more … Continue reading They’re just not trying anymore…

Hidden Door Bitterness

I haven't asked for much in life except unlimited wealth, unlimited health and unambiguous adoration from everyone, without having to talk to any of them. And of course, an underground bunker to store all my wealth and to protect me from people. Oh, and a moat, because they would be fun to store sharks, alligators, … Continue reading Hidden Door Bitterness