Doc Awkward BFG

I spent my Christmas vacation like I spend all my time. Being disappointed. Disappointed that I couldn't find any awesome gifts to give myself. Disappointed that my family wanted to be around me, despite the fact that I'm no fun to be around. But the biggest disappointment was that I wasn't able to watch more … Continue reading Doc Awkward BFG

The Brinch who Stole Christmas…Vacation

Hello all. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to doing posts around Christmas, but I'm really good at reposting some classics. So I hope you enjoy. And Bitter Christmas to you all. He is as green as Eggs and Ham.  He is as green as the Redwood Forest.  He is as green as the Hulk … Continue reading The Brinch who Stole Christmas…Vacation

Choose your own adventure BFG’s

Growing up in California, one of my earliest memories was when I was 5. My mom made me and my brother some capes made out of felt and a little buckle to fasten around our necks. I, of course, was Superman, because he could fly and my brother was Batman, because he liked brooding in … Continue reading Choose your own adventure BFG’s

Building A Bitter Fortress BFG

The reason why Community is my second favorite show, is 1: because of the writing, but two because it reminds of me of my juvenile college years (though some would say I'm still in my juvenile years). They are always up to some crazy highjinks, like paintball or playing a video games to earn inheritances. … Continue reading Building A Bitter Fortress BFG

Hyperbiology BFG’s

I have this problem. I have this habit of saving the world...all the time. I don't mean to. It's just that the world of Hyrule needed saving (Legend of Zelda). I keep saving people too. But you know, if my son just did his homework, I wouldn't have to keep saving him from his mom. … Continue reading Hyperbiology BFG’s