Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

One of the few news anchors I can stand delivering the hard hitting news.

One of the few news anchors I can stand delivering the hard hitting news.

As a lifelong ignorer of news, I usually have no idea what is happening in Bosnia or Washington DC or even Seattle.  Sure I’ve heard of the occasional Disney princess (Miley Virus anyone?) going awry or the forecast of an actual sunny day in Seattle, but the news interferes with me playing video games or napping, which are way more important than being informed about the world.  Besides, I can’t expose my kids to such violence, terror and the once-in-a lifetime “good” news story that accidently makes it through editing of a newscast.


As I accidently left the news on when I ignorned the ending of a television show I was watching, I realized that there is all kinds of news out there: angry news, depressing news, good news (not reallly) but for some reason there is no bitter news.  Clearly there is a market out there that is being untapped.  Since I am the unnofficial and official spokesperson for bitterness(a dying art which I hope to revive), it is my responsiblity to start my own news and entertainment network.  So I along with the help (by help I mean she did most of the work) of Amanda and her family from the blog Write in the Wrong Way (another slightly less bitter blogger) we have filmed our first episode of bitter news on the new Bitter Entertainment Network.   We have searched a medium distance and found a small slice of old outdated news, sports, entertainment news and weather to bring you the first (and possibly last) episode of the Bitter News.  So with ado, I present to you the badly teleprompter read(by me at least) news:

Arrrrghhhh, Stay Bitter Seattle (and every other place)

Bitter Entertainment Ben (BEB for short)

See Amanda’s much better blog over at Write in the Wrong Way.  Feel free to go over to Youtube and comment too.  If I get like a million hits, I get a free lollipop.


83 thoughts on “Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

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  3. I think I might be the worst Bittermalian ever, because you told me about this post, like, as long ago as you first posted it, and I couldn’t watch it right then, and then I forgot about it, so I’m only viewing it today.

    Or else that makes me the BEST Bittermalian ever, because I’ll bet that makes you pretty bitter.


  4. I’m sure you are the next Brian Williams! You could jump in while he’s out with a bad knee. So Seattle is it? Take 2 minutes off from being bitter and enjoy the fine weather we are having. It will be gray and wet soon enough and you’ll have 10 1/2 months to be bitter.


    • I don’t know if I want to jump in because then I will also be out with a knee injury. Besides, I don’t want to replace him, I want my own network! Then he can work for me. Because I’m really bad at reading the news.


    • Actually it is the start of B.E.N. It all started when I saw your video for your 100th post and I knew I wanted to do one myself. Months later, it finally made its way to the blog. It would be kind of fun to start a Blog News Network using a bunch of different bloggers reading parts and stuff. I would probably also replace myself “midseason” with Ryan Gosling though. I loved writing the script, but I could do without the acting. Amanda expressed interest in doing more, so if there is enough interest with others or even if there isn’t, I’ll probably do more.


  5. Your a flippin genius (sorry I didn’t to swear and tarnish your wholesome image lol).
    Your are so funny and don’t worry your not missing anything mainstream news is all lies, ignorance and propaganda anyway. Your better off playing Xbox at least you know what your getting everytime you turn your TV on. lol My husband makes video games so you have him to thank for protecting you from the horrors of the main stream news lol, why do we still call them video games though? Maybe I should be asking him.


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