Space Invaders BFG’s

Space Invaders was one of the first video games I played growing up. If you've never played it, it was a super basic alien invasion game. A bunch of pixelated aliens (about 55 of them) march across and down the screen shooting lasers at your little square battleship. If they destroyed your battleship, or made … Continue reading Space Invaders BFG’s

The Most Important Chip

My wife and daughter have been out of town since last Friday, so it's just me and my son for the week. My delusional personality figured it would fun and games for the whole week. The boy and I would play games on the weekend, then go to school and work and live the high … Continue reading The Most Important Chip

John Wick Training BFG’s

Last night it was all about the speed. Not the drug that makes you hyper, weirdos. Not Lightning McQueen either. I'm talking about Speed, the cool movie with Keanu Reeves. The one that launched Sandra Bullock's career. If you think Sandra Bullock's career is impressive, then take her career, multiply it by a cool factor … Continue reading John Wick Training BFG’s

Reduced to Atoms BFG’s

If you are a fan of NBA basketball, you just saw the Sacramento Kings break a playoff drought of 17 years. If you want to feel old, that was 2006. To me, that seems like just yesterday, but to my daughter, that was a time she doesn't remember, because she was only 1. And my … Continue reading Reduced to Atoms BFG’s

Senior Recruiting Bitterness

The other day, someone mentioned to me that I don't look a day over 50. I found that rude, because I'm three days over 50 now. If I was a more violent person, I would've taken him to the closest wrestling ring and wrang his neck, but my son is stronger than me now. I … Continue reading Senior Recruiting Bitterness

50 Reasons to Be Bitter

Since I'm 50 years bitter today, I'm supposed to be having my mid-life crisis, but since we all know that I'm not making it to 100, that means I'm well past my mid-life crisis and should have had it a while ago. But since nobody really tells you when this life is over, it's not … Continue reading 50 Reasons to Be Bitter

Filling in the Plot Holes BFG’s

The weather people in Utah spent all last summer moaning and complaining about the apocalyptical drought we were going through. They warned us to stop watering our lawns and demanded that we stop drinking unless we were on drop from dying of dehydration. We were assured if we brushed our teeth and let the water … Continue reading Filling in the Plot Holes BFG’s

The Bitter Corruption Industry

Ten years ago, I was living in Seattle at the peak of my misery. If you've lived in Seattle, you know there is only two seasons. One lasts 11 and a half months and it's cloudy, cold, rainy, wet and windy. The other two weeks, the sun vacationed in Seattle, but it was only for … Continue reading The Bitter Corruption Industry

Electric Blue Bitterness

I've spent most of my life trying to spread bitterness like most people spread frozen butterness on their toast. Just like the spreaders of butter on toast, it's hard work and it rarely works out how I want it to. After spreading bitterness for almost 50 years, I finally decided to make the world better … Continue reading Electric Blue Bitterness