Bitter Bacon Ben

Hello. I'm Ben's Bitter Bacon and I'm taking over here.  Ben was too bitter to write anything this today.  What a chump.  I'm going to be the official Ben's Bitter Blog mascot.  Maybe not.  Maybe I will just take over.  He is bitter, but not as much as me.  Now that I have hacked in, there is no … Continue reading Bitter Bacon Ben

End of the taped program bitterness

You know what makes me so bitter?  I set up a recording on my DVR for a program and then watch it, because you know that is why I recorded it.  So I watch the program until the end and it cuts off like 3 seconds before the program ends.  This makes me so bitter.  … Continue reading End of the taped program bitterness

Debate bitterness

As a casual non observer of both the presidential debates and the VP debates I feel that I am qualified to give you a take on who won.  It is because of my experience with gleaning little bits of information from Twitter and comments made on Facebook and of course Wikipedia, that give me a clear … Continue reading Debate bitterness

Bitter T shirt of the Week

As a person who chooses to write things instead of say things because saying things takes so much effort and is really hard work, my favorite form of expression besides blog writing is T-shirts.  So along comes this T-shirt which would be a perfect way to express myself except the state is wrong.  And the city.  … Continue reading Bitter T shirt of the Week

Airplane bitterness

I am so bitter about airplanes.  Everyone says "Yeah! They are a modern miracle that moves us at somewhere near the speed of sound!" or "Yeah I don't have to drive an insane 3000 miles to get to Florida!"  What airplanes don't think about is that maybe I want to go slower than the speed of sound!  … Continue reading Airplane bitterness

Bitter Photo of the week

I am hijacking Ben's bitter blog today.  My name is Ben's IPod(you'd think he could come up with something more original).  I would like to say that he makes me bitter.  (Is that how he starts these things?)  Every day, he puts me on some charger/speaker thing and makes me repeat all these songs that he likes over … Continue reading Bitter Photo of the week

The grass is always greener bitterness.

You know what makes me so bitter? Besides everything?  Whatever people have, they always want to be elsewhere.  If they are at work, they want to be at home.  If they are at home, they want to go out.  If they are out, they want to be at home.  When people are single they want to be in a relationship.  When they … Continue reading The grass is always greener bitterness.