Bitter Networking Network

Here is a place where you can come and network with other bitter minded people and bloggers like yourself. Leave your info as shown below and you too can be a part of a bitter network:

Tell your friends and bitter enemies, so I can build an empire you can share information with each other.  It will help you find other bitter blogs like mine.  It’s pretty simple:

In the comments, put your bitter blog address

a description of your bitter blog

any of your other social networks you want to be followed

follow other blogs listed in the comments

Go to the page that will be created to look at others later

Make this the place the Bitter Networking place you always nightmared about.

You’re welcome for doing all this work for you, you ungrateful bitter people.

6 thoughts on “Bitter Networking Network

  1. I am quite the bitter bitch and if you wish to respect the bitter blogger of this page then please follow me at and, if you are bitter enough for my likings, I will give you a follow back as well! Now get on with your slight more than mediocre day.

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  2. If it makes you feel a little less bitter, I thought it was a good idea. But then again since other people didn’t think so for reasons I can’t quite figure out, I doubt my vote of confidence will be sufficient to diffuse your accumulated bitterness on the subject.

    I’ve only comparatively recently stumbled across your blog, and I can say I’ve derived a serious amount of amusement from it. But then again your ability to post consistently funny posts at the rate you do has made me a bit bitter…

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  3. As per the directions, my bitter blog address is

    Description: I’d like to say my blog is profound, but all I can really say is that it’s relatively new and has made people I know laugh from time to time. I don’t have a theme, beyond the fact that I write whatever I feel like, and I try to make people laugh. If no one laughs, I suppose I get bitter. I doubt I’m as bitter as Ben, but I think with a lot of hard work and excessive amounts of financial donations, I’ll get there.

    For those who are so motivated, I have a Facebook page, predictably named “Delusions of Pretension,” and I encourage total strangers to follow me.

    I can’t help but notice I’m the only one who’s posted here, which leads me to believe I’m really gullible or this is all part of an elaborate plan to make me bitter…


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