Wreck-It Wralph Wreview Bitterness

If you have seen the movie video game movie Wreck-it Ralph(which I may or may not have forced my kids to go to), then you know that it is all about a bad guy named Wreck-it Ralph.  If you haven't seen it, then pause this blog, go get a 60 HDTV, with surround sound, a … Continue reading Wreck-It Wralph Wreview Bitterness

Bitter Pill Pictures of the Week

  The bitter picture of the week is for me.  As a Phd in bitterology, I took a lot of classes in things I didn't want to take, like for instance, all of them.  I took classes in small talk, phone ettiquette, and politeness, interviewing and job hunting, and traffic.  I excelled in getting bitter in all … Continue reading Bitter Pill Pictures of the Week

Bitter Contest Where you could win something

I have long been a fan of the lottery and it's miniscule chances to win billions of dollars.  I am a sucker for not buying lottery tickets and hoping to win the big prize.  Bitterly, I haven't won yet and I blame the system for not allowing me to win it just by wishing and … Continue reading Bitter Contest Where you could win something


According to the calendar, it should be springtime.  After spring, usually there is this season called Summer.  Summer is famous for many things, like scathingly hot weather(except in Seattle), drought, kids not being in school (causing apathy and laziness), forest fires, bugs, sunburns, overpriced and terrible summer movies, and overpriced and terrible amusement parks(in other … Continue reading Bitterland

Another Bitter Podcast

Let me just warn you that this blog post isn't actually a post, but more of a self-serving promotion for myself.  If you didn't know that this blog was always about me, check the name of it.  Ben's Bitter Blog.  Kind of tells you what kind of arrogance goes on here.  On to the self … Continue reading Another Bitter Podcast

Earth Day Bitterness

April is an awesome month for a number of reasons.  First of all, April stalks March and puts it out of its misery the moment it ends.  Even at young age, I recognized that March made me bitter.  Growing up in South Dakota, the weather was miserable, it was always a rough month for homework with … Continue reading Earth Day Bitterness

Door Bitterness

I would like to apologize for yesterday's post.  As I tweeted yesterday, if that post were a hit TV show, that would have been the moment that the show jumped the shark.  It was rushed, and unimaginative and my bitter post made even me bitter. You know that expression, "When one door closes another windows opens?"  If I was in charge of … Continue reading Door Bitterness

Bitter Band of the Week

I am lazy.  This should come as quite a shock to everyone but me.  I have been keeping this a secret because it is almost neck and neck or eye to eye (or some other part of me that does comparisons) with my bitterness on my scale of the seven deadly sins list.  Actually it should be 8 deadly sins because … Continue reading Bitter Band of the Week

Bitter Smile

So when WordPress sends you an email notifying you that you are being Freshly Pressed can you refuse?  I mean do you really want a whole bunch of people around the WordPress universe reading garbage about bitterness?  They would much rather read about the exciting, scary future of mobile phones, private vs. public grief and … Continue reading Bitter Smile

40 reasons to be Bitter

Yesterday I was 39 years old and bitter.  Today, I am old and bitter.  For those of you who are smart (actually if you were smart you wouldn't follow this bitter blog) you would have deduced that yesterday was the day before my birthday, making today....the next day.  In honor of a day that now … Continue reading 40 reasons to be Bitter

Bitter GIF of the Week and the B.I.T.T.E.R School of Bitterness

I was looking back to my first post a mere year ago, and it made me think.  (How dare you first post!)  It basically spells out my mission statement, my purpose for not only this blog, but the meaning of my life.  The world is getting sloppy with all its happiness and its upbeatness and its smiling and … Continue reading Bitter GIF of the Week and the B.I.T.T.E.R School of Bitterness