Bitter Car Problems

Tuesday at noon I walked briskly to my car (your equivalent of running) for lunch as usual, to escape the mad house that was Monday morning.  I put my key in the starter, quickly turned it and it didn't start.  Turned it again, and again no go.  I didn't have time for it at the … Continue reading Bitter Car Problems

The Ubiquitousness of Bitter Sighs

  Bitterness for me has always been a gift.  It started at such a young age, that it was my first memory.  Before I could walk or talk or even babble, I remember the first time I was bitter.  I was chilling in my mom's stomach for about nine months, rent free, warm, posing for … Continue reading The Ubiquitousness of Bitter Sighs

Bitter News From The Couch Vol. 3 There's a reason why I do Bitter News from the Couch.  First of all, it is the weekend and where else would I be? Where else should I be? There is no excuse to ever leave the couch on a weekend.  And second, how else would I be able to learn so much about … Continue reading Bitter News From The Couch Vol. 3

Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

This week we made the transition from summer to fall.  On the calendar maybe.  In my mind summer was over looong ago.  For some reason the sun and the moon seem to think they are in charge of the changing of the seasons, but they have been overtaken.  You know who makes the decisions on … Continue reading Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

The 42 Year Old Version

I know some people loved the Matrix and didn't love Matrix Reloaded, but I loved it for many reasons, so therefore it is great because I said it was.  If you don't like it, go to Rotten Tomatoes and let your incorrect opinion be ignored by the masses.   Regardless of your feelings about the … Continue reading The 42 Year Old Version

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Customers vs. Customer Service

This epic struggle between customer and customer service started when Alexander Graham Bell grew tired of his wife nagging him all the time to get off the couch so they could go visit her mother who lived like across town.  He was like, "Why hasn't someone invented a device where you can just talk to … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Customers vs. Customer Service

David vs. Goliath Bitterness

We all know the story.  A huge hulk of a man, strong, armored to the hilt, weapons of all kinds at his disposal, arrogant, taunting a whole nation of people to come and fight him for their country.  None of the strong opponents would stand up against him.  And why would they? They would get … Continue reading David vs. Goliath Bitterness

Winners and losers Friday Giftures

  I'm not a competitive person at all which is great, but my son is, so every time I go to the car, I'm in an Amazing Race for my life with my son.  If I was a competitive person, I would be devastated all the time, because I don't think I've beat him in … Continue reading Winners and losers Friday Giftures

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Roads vs The Car

Every single day, an epic battle commences between these two bitter rivals. The rubber meets the road. The pavement meets the tire.  The asphalt meets the exhaust and when all is said and done both are left exhausted.  The bitter rivalry of the week is the car vs. the road. All roads every want to be … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Roads vs The Car

Wiper Blade Bitterness

  There are a lot of things that annoy me as you may have already been able to deduce from one or possibly two of my other posts.  If you have been able to catch that, congrats on your grasp of the obvious.  You and my doctor would get along great.  As you might also … Continue reading Wiper Blade Bitterness

Fight or Flight Friday Giftures

  Sometimes when you get trapped (in your cubicle, or in a store) there are only two things you can do.  You can Fight for Your Right to Party, or you can join the Flight Club, but just remember the first rule about the Flight Club.  Do not talk about the Flight Club.  Second rule, … Continue reading Fight or Flight Friday Giftures

Bitter Anti-Social Media

There is all kinds of talk about social media and how fantastic it is. You know, how it helps us keep connected with people that we wanted to leave behind a long time ago, but somehow got lucky enough to reconnect with?  Or how Twitter can help us ignore thousands of people almost simultaneously.  How … Continue reading Bitter Anti-Social Media

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Rest vs. Rust

In the NBA, after a long basketball season, when a really good team clinches a playoff spot pretty early and they still have a bunch of games left, they have to make a big decision.  Do we rest our best players for the rest of the season, because it is a long season and the … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Rest vs. Rust

Unplanned obsolescence bitterness

Whether you like it or not, many products and services fail(I'm not the only thing that fails over and over).  It is the nature of things to eventually break whether it is your car, your refrigerator, or Transformer toy collection(like I would know anything about this).  What you may not know is that companies and manufacturers actually plan … Continue reading Unplanned obsolescence bitterness

Dental Friday Giftures

  I'm no an Anti-Dentite(yes Jerry, I'm bringing it back) but I just paid a visit to my dentist and his crew on Wednesday.  And these guys and girls were all swagging around the DO (Dentist's Office) like they owned the place (they really only own part of the place).  These guys and girls think … Continue reading Dental Friday Giftures

My Bitter Travels Most of you could get a pretty good read of who I am as a person by reading what I put out on this blog (I.E. a penchant for laying on the couch and eating pizza), and judge me as lazy and you would be right.  However, if you said something like,"That guy probably … Continue reading My Bitter Travels

Bitter August Everyone!

Yes, I am aware that it is no longer August anymore.  Do I look calendarly deficient to you? I am able to read a calendar.  But everyone seems to be in such a celebration mode about it being September already when August on our calendar less than 7 hours ago (as of press time). Rah, … Continue reading Bitter August Everyone!