Following Trends Friday Giftures

  Over the years, my blog has gone through many different changes. Okay, only a few. I've added a new banner a few times. And it seems like I've gone through multiple followers that have faded and had to find new ones. But for the most part, this blog is still about the core value … Continue reading Following Trends Friday Giftures

The Drama Highway

You probably think that my life is all about drama. Every week I'm complaining about something so minuscule that it bothers me enough to write a whole post about it. But in reality, I don't have much drama. My life is about the little things that make me bitter. On the other hand, a lot … Continue reading The Drama Highway

Pick Up Lines Ben

You all thought I was lazy. And you are absolutely right. If it was possible for someone invent something that would allow me to slide off the couch, roll me to the kitchen where a sandwich would be made for me, I would probably never leave the couch. Then the other day, I watched something … Continue reading Pick Up Lines Ben

Falling off the Edge Bitter Friday Giftures

  I am so mad at myself. Yesterday as I was leaving the building to go home, I decided to help someone by holding the door open for them. Big mistake. They took their time getting to the door, and then I had to wait for them to open it for me. Then because it … Continue reading Falling off the Edge Bitter Friday Giftures

Snoring Open House Bitterness

Can I please bore you with more things about homes? Because I have certainly gotten bored about homes. I work for a company that does mortgages for people and I write about it them all day. If I'm not blogging about it, I'm Facebooking about it. And of course, we just bought a house recently, … Continue reading Snoring Open House Bitterness

Bitter Tale of Two Cities "It was the bitterest of times, it was also the bitterest of times."  "A George divided against itself cannot stand." "How long halt ye between two opinions?" These are famous quotes from people that are trying to describe my situation right now. As I pointed out last week, when my blog was closed, I … Continue reading Bitter Tale of Two Cities

The Greatest Gif Show alive

  There have been reports of this movie The Greatest Show on Earth, actually being the greatest show on earth. I have some words to say about that. Namely, that it isn't true. How in the world can it be the greatest show on earth when there is no falling, no tripping, no falling backward, … Continue reading The Greatest Gif Show alive

Driver’s License Bitterness

I grew up in South Dakota, so I've been driving a motorized vehicle since I was 14. I'm quite proud of the fact that I got my first citation in a Chevy Citation before most of you were even thinking about driving. I was driving on what the kids called the Loop in junior high … Continue reading Driver’s License Bitterness

Food Vs. Clothes Bitterness

The nice thing about having a bitter blog is that you always have something to write about. The bad thing about a bitter blog is that you always have something to write about. I could have choosen to write about a dozen things this morning because oh my gosh it is freaking Monday, after a … Continue reading Food Vs. Clothes Bitterness

The Blog is Closed Today Again – Moving Day

I know this is a huge pain in the butt, yet again, but the blog is closed again, because we are moving. All inquiries for bitterness will be forwarded to my inbox, which won't be answered until I get back to them. May your Saturday be as bitter as my muscles will be tomorrow. And … Continue reading The Blog is Closed Today Again – Moving Day

Casual Friday Giftures

  It's been a long week. Every single day I've had to wear clothes to work. Not jammies, not shorts, actual clothes. I don't know what the deal is with strict dress codes around the workplace these days, but this needs to stops. I don't know why I have to change when I get home. … Continue reading Casual Friday Giftures

The Bitter Anniversary of Blog Hill Battle

I've seen things people. Six years ago, I was just a beat down customer service agent, boiling inside with all kinds of bitterness. I had had enough of talking on the phone, having unreliable co-workers and working in a toxic atmosphere. Okay, most of the toxicity was me, but you know, it was everyone that … Continue reading The Bitter Anniversary of Blog Hill Battle

Make up bitterness

I have a daughter. You might not know that because I don't mention her much. She is really shy with the media, so I don't get to interview her very much. She is kind of elusive that way, so most of what you get on her is speculation from other media outlets and pictures that … Continue reading Make up bitterness

Learning the Bad Behavior from Sports

I grew up on sports. It's hard to imagine, but when I was young I was in good shape. I was even taller than the average person from about 7th grade on. Until my freshman year of college, I was like 4% body fat. Then my metabolism slowed, but my eating did not. It was … Continue reading Learning the Bad Behavior from Sports

Call it a Comeback Bitter Friday Giftures

  You know that expression, "nothing bad ever really goes away"? Probably not, because I just made it up. Anyways, winter is so dumb. Whoever made it up just likes to mess with people. We had a pretty mild winter, like 50 degrees most of it, until the Groundhog poked his stupid face up and … Continue reading Call it a Comeback Bitter Friday Giftures