Bitter Burger Review

In doing research for my Bitter Restaurant, I am trying to go to as many restaurants as I can for research(and by as as many as I can, I mean like once a month).  I need to find the least politically correct name, the worst service and the most deceitful pricing.  While no restaurant will … Continue reading Bitter Burger Review

Summer Bitterness

My childhood played a bitterly cruel trick on me. Why? Because according to 1-13 year old Bitter Ben, I was supposed to get a mandatory 3 month summer vacation and I was forced to have fun.  Summers were a bitter time where I was supposed to do run around without purpose, play bitterly cruel pranks on … Continue reading Summer Bitterness

Random Acts of Bitterness

Most people I know want to make a difference in their lives.  I do too, but between my  B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness, my amusement park,Bitterland, this blog, which has the potential to be read by 10's of people, and my Bittertising Agency I have multiple avenues to affect the people of this world.  Most people don't have these vast … Continue reading Random Acts of Bitterness

Bitter Pictures of the Early Part of the Week (or Monday as I like to call it)

My bitterness goes to places most people don't even think about.  But, people can relate to me because I am also bitter about common things that everyone is bitter about too.  For instance, I am the most bitter about the day we all call Tuesday, but I am also bitter about Mondays as well, like most … Continue reading Bitter Pictures of the Early Part of the Week (or Monday as I like to call it)

Picasso Bitterness

As an expert in jumping to conclusions, being ignorant and making assumptions on things I have overheard, I believe that Picasso was a good artist.  So good apparently that many people call their best work their "Picasso".  Maybe he was good at one time, but that was a long time ago.  How about we move … Continue reading Picasso Bitterness

Bitter Loyalty

For most of my life until recently(yesterday) I have been a loyal guy (some people call my one sided loyalty stalking, but when has "some people" ever been right?).  I have decided that I am not going to loyal anymore.  I thought for a long time if you are loyal with someone, something or somewhere … Continue reading Bitter Loyalty

Remote Control Bitterness

As a fan of Adam Sandler's bitterly winning performances in such classics as Grown Ups, Gilmore Girls and Billy Madison, I'm clearly a fan of quality comedy.  However a film he did several years ago, Click, was one that I had a hard time with. At first glance, it appeared like Click was right on formula with … Continue reading Remote Control Bitterness

Father’s Day Bitterness…for me

I'm sure there are multiple thousands of people blogging about how great their fathers are today.  There may even be non bloggers that are doing tributes today. Not sure why, but around this time of the year when people graduate they start thinking of their dads.  Maybe because their dads paid for their high school … Continue reading Father’s Day Bitterness…for me

Super Bitterness for real

I am so bitter that my Android phone posted that Super Bitterness before I was ready to post.  Arrrghhh!  Now I am Super Bitter at my phone and WordPress for allowing my phone to post something before it was ready.  So without further ado, here is the first paragraph that you have already read, with … Continue reading Super Bitterness for real

Talking Bitterness

I had my typically bitter Tuesday yesterday.  Even though I am on "vacation", I had to attend two graduations.  And I'm not talking about college or high school.  I'm not even talking B.I.T.T.E.R. school of Bitterness(you degraduate with dishonors there.)  We are talking a graduation from Pre-school and a graduation from a fictional pioneer school … Continue reading Talking Bitterness

Post Office Bitterness

I am off this week from work and school and I have no extravagant plans.  I'm not going to Bitterland, I don't have any B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness classes or even a trip to Hawaii.  I'm not even on what the idiots call the Staycation, where you wander around your own town in search of … Continue reading Post Office Bitterness

School carnival bitterness

As you have may have read in the past, I am a Demusement park owner.  Disneyland was a place modeled after my park Bitterland.  The difference is that at Bitterland, I deliberately have disdain for my customers and I am honest about it, while Disney tries to hide the fact that it only loves your … Continue reading School carnival bitterness

Bitter Picture Bonanza of the week

I used to think that turtles didn't have much use because they were slow. It wasn't until I got older that I realized that I wanted to be just like them.  They said we couldn't learn anything from turtles, and by "they" I mean "them".  You know, the guys that say things and girls that say stuff.   Turtles never … Continue reading Bitter Picture Bonanza of the week

Bicycle Bitterness

Remember the feeling you had the first time you learned how to do something? The first time you learned to fail at math and got an "F" on your report card? Or almost drowned learning how to swim? Or got your first cavity, by brushing your teeth improperly or even got bitter for the first … Continue reading Bicycle Bitterness