March Bitterness

March makes me so bitter.  I mean just admit it March, you try to play it off but you know it is true.  You are not March madness, you are March Bitterness.  Try as you might to get us to believe that you are mad just doesn't fly with me.  Take the NCAA's for instances.  … Continue reading March Bitterness

The bitternet

I decided to start the bitternet because so many people use this thing called the internet to spread joy and information and whatever.  The bitternet is a more focused platform used particularly for the spreading of the virus of bitterness. So feel free to move about and talk amongst the bittermen and bitterwomen of the … Continue reading The bitternet

Box bitterness

Boxes make me so bitter.  Boxes like to mock you with their perfectly straight lines and they square or rectangle looking shapes.  For a word that is used to be thinking outside of boxes sure aren't very creative.  They always seem to have the same few shapes.  How about a box that is shaped like … Continue reading Box bitterness

Color bitterness

Colors make me so bitter.  I've been told on many occasions that a color I thought was green was actually seafoam.  And a color I thought was pink was salmon.  Bullcrap!  Why do colors insist on being individuals.  They should all be lumped into like 8 or 10 colors we have come to be bitter … Continue reading Color bitterness

Baby Bitterness

Yeah I know.  We are all bitter about babies.  You know the crying, the spitting up, the pooping.  There is universal bitterness about that.  But my bitterness about babies is this. Why do we baby them?  I mean just because they are a little "young", they don't think they should have to contribute around the … Continue reading Baby Bitterness

Power outage bitterness

Power outages make me so bitter.  Why must they rob me of my electricity?  I need electricity, I crave electricity.  If I don't have electricity my video games don't work, the television doesn't work and my lights don't work.  Even my refrigerator doesn't work.  How am I supposed to be lazy and not move from … Continue reading Power outage bitterness

Daylight Savings time bitterness

Daylight savings time makes me so bitter.  First of all, who decided that it was necessary to add or subtract an hour in March and October?  Or is it November? And who is the person in charge of deciding when it happens?  Is it the Mayans or the President of Time Management? Stop stealing time … Continue reading Daylight Savings time bitterness

Carbon bitterness

I am so bitter about Carbon.  I mean first they want to copy everything you do.  I have some in my checkbook.  Not cool to copy all my personal info, Carbon.  And second, Carbon is half of Carbon Monoxide, which is a killer way to make someone not feel so good.  What did we ever … Continue reading Carbon bitterness

Pizza Bitterness

    For the longest time, I ordered stuffed crust pizza, because only the bitterest of people like me, don't like cheese in the crust of their pizza.  That and people that don't like calories or whatever.  Then like 4 years later, I realized that they give you the thin crust pizza.  That makes me … Continue reading Pizza Bitterness

Trees bitterness

Trees make me so bitter.  I drive to work and I am trying to see places, you know, like ahead of me.  All I can see are trees, green, prickly, triangle shaped trees.  Then there all all these ones just standing there that don't even have leaves.  Why do they have to be in my … Continue reading Trees bitterness

Bringing Bitterness to the World!

Everyone seems to be so happy go lucky and fancy free.  It is time to make a change.  Let's just tell everyone how we really feel!  Let's release some venom to the world! I would someday like to a 1-900 number that you can all call and whine about how your lives are miserable like mine! … Continue reading Bringing Bitterness to the World!