The Great Equalizer Bitter Friday Giftures

There is a video that I saw on Facebook that I saw quite a while ago that has stuck with me for some time. It was last year and it was a comedic video about how much Disney dominated the world of entertainment and now they were going to take on Netflix with Disney+. It … Continue reading The Great Equalizer Bitter Friday Giftures

Amber Alert Bitter Friday Giftures

You know how those "murder" shows on Dateline NBC or Cold Case files, or Snapped start out? "It was a typical sunny day on a lazy summer afternoon in a sleepy suburb of Salt Lake City. No one would ever expect what would happen on this day September 15, 2020." Cut to talking to a … Continue reading Amber Alert Bitter Friday Giftures

Big Flop Friday Giftures

  Summer is the time when you should get home flip off your shoes and socks and immediately walk around in your bare feet, or at the maximum, wear your flip flops. Some years have been flips, others have been flops. This year on the blog has been a big flop. Actually, I've been pretty … Continue reading Big Flop Friday Giftures

What do you deserve Ownership Stake in?

My favorite basketball player, David Robinson had a Hall of Fame career with the San Antonio Spurs. He made a ton of money in his career, but when he retired he was only 38 years old. Obviously, when you are 38 you still have a lot of life left to live. He did some amazing … Continue reading What do you deserve Ownership Stake in?

I might have a Concussion

One of my favorite episodes of the Office is when Micheal Scott calls the office to tell everyone that he burned his foot on a George Forman grill. The episode is the funny from beginning to end. Micheal asks Pam to come and get him and he acts like the world has ended because his … Continue reading I might have a Concussion


Meetings are the bane of existence. In yesterday's Dilbert comic on my calendar, they talked about a four hour meeting in which Dilbert, the pointy haired boss, and the intern all talked about the conclusion of the meeting was three different outcomes. The boss then suggests that they should have another four hour meeting to … Continue reading Hanxiety

The Bitter IT Guy

When we lived in Seattle, we used to get power outages all the time. I think it was because it rained all the time, the lightning and wind would blow the way too pervasive amount of trees around, and whall la, power outage. When we had outages there though, they would almost always go on … Continue reading The Bitter IT Guy

Shooting The Luge Bitter Friday Giftures

  I hear the soccer or football is going on right now. Clearly I am not like the rest of world and even knew that. Anyways, today I was participating in another type of sport called the Highway luge. It's a very dangerous sport in which you drive on the freeway between 2 very large … Continue reading Shooting The Luge Bitter Friday Giftures

Bitter Friend Finder

Ever since I was pretty young, I've been a really small circle of bitter friends kind of guy. As previously noted on this blog, I'm a claustraphobic and I probably didn't mention, I have social anxiety too. You probably don't have to be Einstein to figure that out. Basically parties are my worst nightmare. They … Continue reading Bitter Friend Finder

Foreign Language Animals

There is this guy in my department that can speak five languges. I find it almost unfathomable to speak another language. Not that it wouldn't be cool to know one. It would come in handy when you wanted to spy on someone. You see it all the time in movies. Two people speaking a different … Continue reading Foreign Language Animals

Maniac Monday – Bitter Memory Loss

One day, on my way to picking up my daughter from play practice, I got one of those amazing thoughts. It was a blog post idea that made immediate sense. I was so excited that I completely ignored my son, and driving and pulled out my phone. This is where I store all my ideas … Continue reading Maniac Monday – Bitter Memory Loss

All Roads Lead to Bitter Friday Giftures

  We are still putting the closing touches on our move. Our kids had their last day, so of course, they got kid parties to go to. So between my wife and I we made like 5 trips back and forth between our new place and the old one, the last one to pick up … Continue reading All Roads Lead to Bitter Friday Giftures

Words stick to me like Glue

You know that old saying, "I am rubber and you are glue, bounces off of me and sticks to you." Also, the one that says, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Yeah, those saying only apply to other people. Words stick to ME like glue. Sticks and stone … Continue reading Words stick to me like Glue

It’s Finally Q&A Time

You bitterlings finally came up with some questions for me to answer. Not very good ones mind you, but that's okay, because I don't have very good answers. From Does It Even Matter? Q’s: Were you born bitter or did that develop over time?  Bitterness was something I was born with. I spend 9 months … Continue reading It’s Finally Q&A Time

Music on Repeat

Did everyone have as bitter of a weekend as I did? I mean seriously, we got the same NBA Finals as we have the last four years? The weather was fairly lackluster and haven't blogged since last Friday, so it seems like it has been an eternity since I've written a terrible blog post. Though … Continue reading Music on Repeat