Flipping the Switch Friday Giftures

  A lot of people have this insane ability to be able to flip a switch and be able to turn into beast mode(the Hulk has this ability literally).  For a lot of people, the magical elixir is called coffee. Some people can do it in their basketball careers. These professional basketball players have the … Continue reading Flipping the Switch Friday Giftures

My Job Proposal

  Hey people, as you know I am in the epic struggle known as trying to find a job. Since no company seems to want to hire me (can't understand why there is not a huge bidding war for a bitter office guy), I've decided that I need to start making up jobs and then … Continue reading My Job Proposal

Storage Unit Friday Giftures

When we first moved to this place that we are living, we were worried about finding a place to put all our stuff. Don't get me wrong, we threw away, donated or sold a majority of our things, but we still had a bunch of stuff that we needed, but didn't need right now. You … Continue reading Storage Unit Friday Giftures

Roller Skater Hater Friday Giftures

  Yesterday I learned that roller skating still exists. I thought it was just a bitter part of my youth. When I was the biggest dork in class (only that last 44 years or so) roller skating was the thing to do for school parties. When I first started skating I was pretty good at … Continue reading Roller Skater Hater Friday Giftures

44 Things that Make Me Bitter

  Today is the oldest I've ever been in my history.  Because of this unforseen difficulty, your regularly scheduled Bitter Rivalry of the Week has been interrupted to bring you some not nearly as good content instead(kind of like when an update on the White House interrupts an episode of Community). Unfortunately, a yearly tradition … Continue reading 44 Things that Make Me Bitter