Nap and Food Bitter Friday Giftures

I believe that some people are taking this long Labor Day weekend off a little early by taking Friday off (jerks) and of course, that makes me bitter. There are a lot of reasons why you should not take off early, but I can't think of any.  This means I will be stewing in my … Continue reading Nap and Food Bitter Friday Giftures

Hybrid Kid’s Crap for Sale!

Unless you know some kid that constantly watches Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Sprout or Nickelodeon this post may not make sense.  Let's just say you do know what Snuggies are thought, whether you want to admit it or not.  When they first came out, you laughed at them and said, "There is no way I'm going to ever … Continue reading Hybrid Kid’s Crap for Sale!

The Keys to Bitter Miscommunication

  This weekend, through some lucky circumstances (my daughter being a rockstar despite one half of her parents being a complete bittertastrophe), I got the chance to attend a Seattle Seahawks pre-season game, much to the chagrin of many people around me who are actual Seahawks fans.  They are the most popular ticket around town (even … Continue reading The Keys to Bitter Miscommunication

Let Us(By Us I mean You) Get Some Exercise this Weekend Bitterness Giftures

I've been told by television that if you exercise and eat right for like a year, you will lose half your body weight.  Your life will "be transformed", everyone will "fake" like you, and you will "find the person of your dreams" and you will get the "promotion you've been striving for", you will get … Continue reading Let Us(By Us I mean You) Get Some Exercise this Weekend Bitterness Giftures


I went to lunch yesterday for my anniversary and must have had some bad combination of Chicken Alfredo, too much strawberry passion fruit limeade, and too little willpower to stop eating the unlimited breadsticks (I was just testing their limits), because when I left that place, I was sporting a nasty case of the hiccups (or as … Continue reading Hiccups

Raining on your Parade Gifs

It's another Friday and I'm sure you all have some great expectations about what you are going to do this weekend.  Maybe you will go to the beach, see a new movie, or go camping.  Before you go and get all excited about your weekend and all your high expectations for it, let me go ahead … Continue reading Raining on your Parade Gifs

10 Things Ready for a Bitter Break Up

  A couple of days ago, I was watching the Bachelor's Paradise. These are people that have been on the Bachelor and "didn't win" in their particular cycle as if not getting engaged to the one girl or boy amongst all the contestants is losing.  What we all know is that in the end is that they … Continue reading 10 Things Ready for a Bitter Break Up

The Bitter Daddy Long Legs

Shark week just started and for some reason people are fascinated.  Might be that they love Sharknado with all in terrifying special effects or the fact that they want to see someone get swallowed by a shark, or that the summer sun has finally gotten to them and they just can't think straight anymore.  Sharks may be … Continue reading The Bitter Daddy Long Legs

Forecasting Friday Bitter Giftures

I'm not good at a lot of things.  I can't snowboard (at least that I know of), I keep my desk arranged in a way that allows important things to get lost, and I am certainly not good at smiling.  They say that frowning uses way more muscles than smiling, but have you seen my … Continue reading Forecasting Friday Bitter Giftures

The Circus is in Town and The Clowns are coming out to Play Giftures

Ladies and Bitterman, idiots and tools, welcome to the Bitter Circus! I am the Bitter Circus Ringmaster, Bitter Ben.  I have Gifs that will amaze and astound you and will make you wonder why the heck you decided to come to this circus!  I know many of you came here for a show and I … Continue reading The Circus is in Town and The Clowns are coming out to Play Giftures