Merging Bitter Friday Giftures

When I grew up, my favorite cartoon/toy was the Transformers. From the moment I saw the first episode, and I saw a robot change into a car, I was hooked. I don't know if it was the cool sound, or the fact that a robot could also be a car, jet or park bench, but … Continue reading Merging Bitter Friday Giftures

Masterclass Bitter Friday Giftures

You know that college is pretty useless right? Don't believe me? Just take a look at just two examples I have, both in my own family, and I will prove it. (Isn't that what science teaches us? That we have to prove things?) First example is me. I went dutifully for 5 years to college. … Continue reading Masterclass Bitter Friday Giftures

Pain in the Neck Bitter Friday Giftures

My neck has done some heavy lifting throughout my life. And not by choice. By obligation. It's connected my low functioning brain connected to rest of me. It's done a lot of swiveling back and forth between two computer screens and been pushed back and forth on roller coasters. It's been shaved thousands of time … Continue reading Pain in the Neck Bitter Friday Giftures