Bitter Reasons to be tall

I guess today is a holiday, though how would I know it?  I'm at work, doing work (well, not right now) and I see no evidence of it being a holiday at all other than there are some oversized spiders hanging from the ceiling and spider webs everywhere. There is also some weirdo that doesn't have … Continue reading Bitter Reasons to be tall

Download bitterness

Last night I was on my Xbox downloading some DLC (extra content for those not in the know) for one of my games called Saints Row IV(I think they Romans call that 4).  It was making me bitter because it was taking 614 MB's more than an hour and a half to download.  I'm no computer expert … Continue reading Download bitterness

If you missed bitterness this week, your aim was a little off

You didn't miss much, just every bit of bitterness I could summon.  I'm no bitter wizard, but I did conjure up some Bitterness Words and Pictures this week. I apperated some Bitter Posts. I went on Bitter Strike because if the grocery stores and governments can strike, so can I.  Strikes against traffic, meeting strikes, … Continue reading If you missed bitterness this week, your aim was a little off


The phrase Fogtober was coined by some clever Seattle area twitter user who was so fascinated by the fact that we have had 13 straight days of fog in October, that they thought inventing a term for it would be of interest to someone on twitter.  Luckily their dreams came true when the weather guys on one of our … Continue reading Fogtober

Bitter Scariness

This is the time of year I dread.  People are dressed up in costumes, offices are doing their best to immitate living in an overgrown batcave, and worst of all people are being encouraged to eat differently than other times of the year.  That's right, October is the month we celebrate World Vegetarian's Day(at least you … Continue reading Bitter Scariness

Strike Bitterness

Yesterday, I went to Safeway at 5:30 am to get some mayonnaise.  Actually, Miracle Whip.  I like to put fake cheese on bread with preservatives and fake mayonnaise.  I am a man of simple, artificial tastes.  Some people like "real" cheese and "real" mayonnaise (I'm talking to you dad) on some sort of "real" bad tasting bread.  Not … Continue reading Strike Bitterness

In case you got lost on the internet highway and didn’t find your way to Bitter Street..

It was a busy week on Bitter Street and I know not everyone was up to feeling bitter.  Nice things got in the way.  Worry though, I mind.  So you bitter get in here and check out all the opportunities you had to be bitter.  Starting with: I learned by past experience that I have … Continue reading In case you got lost on the internet highway and didn’t find your way to Bitter Street..

Friday Fall Pictures

  I blogged yesterday about Autumn, or fall and how bitter it makes me.  Today, since it is Friday and I like to be lazy and just post Bitter Pictures of Failures of other people, I decided to go with a Fall theme.  And by Fall, I really mean fall, as in fall on your … Continue reading Friday Fall Pictures

Autumn Bitterness

I've heard enough.  There are a whole bunch of people out there on WordPress, television, Facebook and of course, the most popular social network, MySpace proclaiming their love of Autumn.  All I know is that at least 7 of my life's top 15 most embarrassing moments are named after this season. You can say about all the nice things … Continue reading Autumn Bitterness

Bitter Stuff You’re Glad you missed…

Once again, whether you like it or not, I'm going to recap stuff that happened last week.  Not important stuff like what happened in the world, but stuff that happened on my blog. Stuff I blogged about: A Bitter Review about The Amazing Race: Because you know that if I ran this race around the … Continue reading Bitter Stuff You’re Glad you missed…

Early Friday Halloween Picture Bitterness

Since it is Friday, I always try to present some pictures of things that make me bitter, like the weather being terrible or my knees hurting yet again(I have a streak of like 20 years going right now).  But this week, since there are only 2 Fridays left before Halloween, I decided to dedicate this Friday's Pictures to things … Continue reading Early Friday Halloween Picture Bitterness

Bitter Bacon Ben

Hello. I’m Ben’s Bitter Bacon and I’m taking over here.  Ben was too bitter to write anything this today.  What a chump.  I’m going to be the official Ben’s Bitter Blog mascot.  Maybe not.  Maybe I will just take over.  He is bitter, but not as much as me.  Now that I have hacked in, … Continue reading Bitter Bacon Ben

Amazing Race: The Bitter Review

Yesterday, I was inside most of the day watching our LDS Worldwide Church Conference on TV.  My kids were bugging each other all day, so I decided to take them outside so I could see what the outdoors looked like.  We were really ambitious and decided to go on a walk.  After losing my breath after … Continue reading Amazing Race: The Bitter Review

In case you missed Bitterness as much as you missed the Government(ie not at all)

Whether you missed anything on the blog on purpose or because you are lazy and just didn't feel like it, you may have missed all or some of the bitter things that were posted on here this week.  For my inconvenience and your convenience, I am bitterly recapping all the crap stuff that happened both … Continue reading In case you missed Bitterness as much as you missed the Government(ie not at all)

Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

It's Friday again and you know what that means.  I am too lazy to write anything, so I just post pictures taken from the internet that make me bitter and comment about them.  Today, in honor of my neighbors to the north(not in my neighborhood.  They have no honor), Canada, who has an actual government that … Continue reading Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

Realistic Expectations for Houses Bitterness

Although it is my neighbors sincere wish that I move far away from them, I am not hunting for houses.  I've never been much of a hunter anyways, because that would require that I do it at least one time.  Looking at houses in my spare time isn't much fun either because I look at them almost every … Continue reading Realistic Expectations for Houses Bitterness