2 Legit 2 Legit 2 Legit to Gif…tures, Friday Bitter Giftures

  MC Hammer rose to fame 26 years ago with his album "Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em". Of course, he eventually did hurt us all when we found out that he bought a $30 million dollar home, paid some 40 employees way too much money for, and went bankrupt. But did MC Hammer, who had … Continue reading 2 Legit 2 Legit 2 Legit to Gif…tures, Friday Bitter Giftures

Dodgeball: A Bitter Underdog Story

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." - Patches O' Houlihan "Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Blade, Laser...Blazer." -   White Goodman "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood." - White Goodman If you don't know these names or quotes, you are missing out on one of the … Continue reading Dodgeball: A Bitter Underdog Story

What I did on my Summer Vacation (or Spring. Whatever)

Remember those days when you were a tiny little thing that took naps in Kindergarten instead of prepping for the SAT's? When life was simple and instead of writing an essay about Lincoln's presidency your teacher asked you to write what you did for you summer vacation? Well, I had a week off last week … Continue reading What I did on my Summer Vacation (or Spring. Whatever)

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Rest vs. Rust

  If you are familiar with the NBA Playoffs or sports in general, you probably hear this argument tossed around about whether a team gets too much rest or not when they have a long layoff. For instance, if a really good team clinches their playoff series against a team pretty quickly, and the other … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Rest vs. Rust

Turbo Charged Friday Giftures

  Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite movies not only because it's about video games, but because it's all about villains. The weird thing is that Ralph lives out in a brickyard all alone and for some reason wants to hang out with other people. Not sure why he would want to be around … Continue reading Turbo Charged Friday Giftures

Work-Life Imbalance

If you've noticed the lack of enthusiasm coming from this side of the bitterblogosphere, it's because I've been on vacation this week. Going to exotic locations like the grocery store, the movie theatre and the backyard to avoid getting a lawsuits because of our stupid trampoline. I don't generally go to exotic locales because you … Continue reading Work-Life Imbalance

The Bitter Ecosystem

As spring heats up, many people turn their attention to being at work all day, while some "other lucky people" that aren't them are going on glamorous vacations to tropical paradises around the world.  Some people are jealous of the sandy beaches that others get to soak up the rays in.  Others are jealous of … Continue reading The Bitter Ecosystem


I'm only good at a few things. I excel at laying on the couch. I can make macaroni and cheese. I'm pretty good at almost finishing things in video games. I'm pretty great at zoning out at a moment's notice. On Friday, when I was getting my pizza, then driving to the library, I realized … Continue reading Pizzalympics

Action Movie Friday Giftures

  Growing up in the 80's, action movies were the best. There was Schwarzenegger in his iconic role in Kindergarten Cop, Stallone in the amazing Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot or Bruce Willis in the captivating Hudson Hawk. Those movies were straight up straight to video classics that every fan should watch so they revel … Continue reading Action Movie Friday Giftures

The Bitter Side of the Force

A lot of impressive things happened last night. The Golden State Warriors broke the win record with 73 games, Kobe Bryant scored 60 in his final game, I got three Kabooms in one match in Gears of War 3, and even managed to get to bed before 11:30 pm. Truly impressive physical feats last night. … Continue reading The Bitter Side of the Force

The Bitterfly Effect

If you've been paying attention (and why would you pay him? did he babysit for you? Do your taxes?) to my blog at all in the last several days, you know it was my birthday on Saturday. So at work, along with another work citizen, we celebrated our birthdays. It was festive day where I … Continue reading The Bitterfly Effect

43 Reasons to be bitter

For those of you who haven't been around this blog since my last birthday, it is my annual tradition to list one bitter item for every year I've been on this bitter earth. So join the bitter party and find your favorite reason to be bitter. 1. Butterflies - Their random flickering is freaking creepy. … Continue reading 43 Reasons to be bitter

Pre-Gaming Giftures

Today is Birthday Eve, which means just like New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve it is the day before the night before something. Duh. I mean really, do I need to explain that to you? Actually, it means that I'm gonna do all kinds of wild and crazy things like get pizza, ignore people, and … Continue reading Pre-Gaming Giftures

Customer service

Imma nah let you in on a little background information. A prequel of this blog if you will. It's kind of in the about page, if you haven't read that, but the whole reason I started this blog 4 years ago, was because of my bitterness working in customer service. I kind of moved into … Continue reading Customer service

Comparison Shopper

The best thing about online shopping, other than being able to do it in your PJ's while sitting on the couch, is the ability to compare the pricing and features of your tacky jean shorts, or a totally outdated 1080p only HD TV to a cutting edge UHD TV's on different websites. Back in the … Continue reading Comparison Shopper

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Critics reviews vs. Your views

If you've ever seen Ratatouille, you will find yourself almost cheering for rats. Somehow, Pixar made us believe that it was okay to for rats to infest a restaurant, make a good meal, and inspire a person to believe that no matter their dream, no matter the impossibility of achieving it, they could achieve it. … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Critics reviews vs. Your views

New Year’s Day Giftures

  So what did you guys do last night to celebrate? Fireworks? The dropping of the ball? Toasting each other? That was a pretty awesome New Year's Eve last night right? And while I don't do New Year's resolutions because who achieves goals?  I do look forward to all the bitterness this New Year will … Continue reading New Year’s Day Giftures

Do not publish file

  some post ideas that I'm just spitballing, but don't ever publish this. Kin Kardashian - should I tell them that I actually secretly have a crush on her and I watch the show all the time and only attack her so they don't really think I like her? ISIS - why are people talking … Continue reading Do not publish file