Clickbait Bitterness

  The greatest invention of our time, the World Wide Web, is a dark, devious place, where you can find terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things. Things like cat videos, Facebook updates from your "friends" and blogs that talk about bitterness. Yeah, there are a few good things that come from the internet, like … Continue reading Clickbait Bitterness

Things that are hanging on for dear life

As I sit here staring out the window at the snow gently, slowly and bitterly pounding the ground and every other obstacle in its destructive path, I reflect back poorly on the entire last week. Just like the snow clings hard and doesn't let go until the warm air of the sun destroys it, I … Continue reading Things that are hanging on for dear life

Bowling Alley Friday Giftures

  So I wasn't bowling the other day and I was trying to strike up a conversation with someone, just kidding, why would I ever do that? Anyways, I was driving in the wrong lane, when I came upon something in the gutter...ball, and it struck me that I needed to do something this coming … Continue reading Bowling Alley Friday Giftures

It’s snow fair Friday Giftures

  Don't you just love when it is the first snow of the year and everyone drives on the road like they are one of those horses that are just born and are trying to walk for the first time? I really do enjoy seeing all the cars in ditches, and cars sliding around like … Continue reading It’s snow fair Friday Giftures

Dangling that Bitter Carrot

There is probably some sort of reason why I get up at 5:30 in the morning, fall asleep in the shower, put some clothes on, shave this freaking face, get in a car, hop on the train with like a billion people that give me bitter stares, get off the train and walk like 15 … Continue reading Dangling that Bitter Carrot

Bitter Crate

  Bitterness is at an all time high these days and I would be a really bad bitterperson if I didn't at least put in a mediocre effort to take advantage of the situation. And what better way to exploit other businesses that have been way more successful than all my failed business ventures, than … Continue reading Bitter Crate

Least Favorite Day of the Week Giftures

I know you guys have been dreading this day all week. Friday's are the worst I know. You had your stressed out Monday where you forgot to do your assignment, then Tuesday when you had to wait in line all day, then Wednesday where you had to figure out how to make Miley leave the … Continue reading Least Favorite Day of the Week Giftures

I Feel A Disturbance In the Bitterness Today

Hey everyone, I would not be the world's leading authority on bitterness if I didn't post something today. Since I had my head in the sand(by that I mean head leaned over pretending to do paper while actually sleeping) working on a paper about social media, I wasn't able to watch the news or read … Continue reading I Feel A Disturbance In the Bitterness Today

The Ultimate Bittersurvivor

Remember that game show Survivor? Do you remember how they placed people on an island with only a few provisions? They had to fend for food, and make their own shelter and compete in challenges against another team of survivors and then they had to vote one off every week. I think Tom Hanks was … Continue reading The Ultimate Bittersurvivor