How to Have a Super Bitter Bowl

Hello from Seattle, where in a days time, the whole city will be rioting. Either because the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, or because they didn't.  Or they because the grass is too green in the downtown parks or because the mandatory 5th break per hour isn't being honored by the union, or because some … Continue reading How to Have a Super Bitter Bowl

Bitter Abandonment Giftures

Abandon hope all ye that read stuff on here.  Just like my writing skills have abandoned me this week, so should you abandon your desks and workstations and computers and find bitterness in your cars, trains, planes, moped, skiis, snowboards, apparating or Time Machine Deloreans.  Go home and grab some chips, soda, bar-b-q sauce, wings, … Continue reading Bitter Abandonment Giftures

Bitter Modes

  Some people probably think that I am a robot programmed for the one dimensional purpose of being bitter.  Part of that is true.  I am a robot.  And I am programmed for bitterness.  But, there are actually many different subtle dimensions to my bitterness. I am programmed to behave differently in the traffic environment … Continue reading Bitter Modes

Bitter Bandwagon Ben

  You might know that I live in Seattle.  Now you might be thinking I'm gonna humblebrag about the fact that the Seattle Seahawks are in the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, and how I've been the biggest fan for life.  And you'd be wrong.  About five years ago, Seattle was … Continue reading Bitter Bandwagon Ben

Bitter Sell Out Giftures

It's Friday, which means we can start talking about what makes us bitter through little moving pictures.  As you might now, the Super Bowl is coming up.  I guess I could avoid this thing that is annoying me by just turning the station, but in the last week, I think I've only heard like zero … Continue reading Bitter Sell Out Giftures


Wanna know why I'm your least favorite blogger?  Because I'm around.  ALLLL the time.  I'm clogging up valuable space on the internet that you could be using for trees, or pictures of your kids, or YouTube.  All day on YouTube and the video would move so much faster, if it wasn't for this guy that … Continue reading Bittermunity

Half-Hearted Friday Giftures

DO NOT READ THIS POST! It is terribly under enthusiastic and in honor of it being Friday and the first world tragedy that happened to me this week, I'm going to go ahead and put in a minimal effort today.  For those of you who are regulars to BBB, you are used to this effort.  … Continue reading Half-Hearted Friday Giftures

My Cybernetic Dream and My Bitter Heart Crushed

In the spirit of Mr. Martin Luther King's Day coming up, I had a dream.  I've always wanted to be a cyborg.  I want all my joints that have ever felt pain to be replaced by metal.  I wanted metal arms, metal knees, metal back.  Yesterday, as I was going through a real amount of pain in … Continue reading My Cybernetic Dream and My Bitter Heart Crushed

10 Bitter Me’s in Pop Culture

  The Golden Globes happened two days ago and kicked off what Hollywood calls their "awards season", where they get together, dress up in their prom attire and congratulate themselves on doing such a great job in their school plays.  They think that the whole world cares about their clothes and how well they acted in their … Continue reading 10 Bitter Me’s in Pop Culture

Help me Become Number 2

I've got great ambitions for bitterness. As an emotion, it has been underrated for quite some time.  By quite some time, I mean forever.  On the emotional rollercoaster, bitterness is waiting in a huge line to get on the coaster, while happiness, anger and jealousy are having fun taking the hairpin curves, loop de loops … Continue reading Help me Become Number 2

Frustration Friday Giftures

Nothing is more frustrating than expecting something good and getting something bad.  Like when you expect to skip a rock, but not only does the rock not skip, but you throw it way short and it richochets off a bigger rock and it bounces back and hits you in the knee and causes you to go to surgery.  Or when you expect … Continue reading Frustration Friday Giftures

Super BitterMan

The superhero genre is getting a little ridiculous.  There are some legit superhero movie stars out there that I'm fine with getting big time movies.  Guys like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Spiderman and so forth.  These days, if there is a legit cool or recognizable hero out there, they will get a movie made … Continue reading Super BitterMan

Looking in to the Bitter Future Giftures

BREAKING NEWS! This is your news anchor Captain Obvious! In what is unprecedented news, I've figured something out. We've done a calendar change and the year is now 2015. Do you know what that means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? It means, Marty McFly and Doc Brown are going to be visiting Hill Valley … Continue reading Looking in to the Bitter Future Giftures